Conveying Components

Regal manufactures a broad product selection of right angle gearing products including bevel, miter, hypoid-helical and worm options. Additional stock and custom solutions are available in various material and gearing ratio options to help you choose the proper selection for your desired solution.

Regal offers side guide brackets in thermoplastic and stainless steel materials. Designed for swivel or fixed top requirements.

Our System Plast® brackets are part of a family of products that work together to make guide rail adjusting easy. A variety of bracket styles and materials combined with accessories such as spacers, knobs, and adjusting rods are designed for maximum versatility. Every bracket has been designed to meet the needs of the demanding environments in which they are used. From a simple fixed metal bracket to our newest SpeedSet bracket, you will find a solution to meet your application and cost requirements.

Our straight and corner modules are designed to guide side flexing steel and plastic conveyor chains.

Our conveyor chain return rollers are made from impact resistant material. They are highly resistant to chemicals and have self lubricating characteristics. A urethane sleeve or ribbed under cover option is available. This allows for better traction, low noise and long service life.

Our extremely versatile range of fixed and articulated leveling feet provide machine support and securing options for almost any industry. These products are used in applications varying from light duty pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries to chemically corrosive or food and beverage wash down applications.

Regal offers an extremely versatile range of fixed and articulated leveling feet. This offering provides machine support and securing options for almost any industry. These multiple options are available to meet specific conveyor requirements.

Miscellaneous products consist of a large number of different accessories. These accessories allow for most any conveyor requirements and design needs. These include: Machine guarding, panel clamps, tube joints, mounting profiles, handles, door stops, hinges, door locks, end plugs, ratchet handles, knobs and locking shaft collars.

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