Catalog No - K1482

  • 65°C ambient
  • Enclosed shaft end bracket, vented frame
  • Automatic reset thermal protector
  • Nameplate 60/50 hertz 190/380 volts, at next lower HP
  • Double sealed ball bearings
  • 5/8” Dia. x 5” long shaft with flat and keyway
  • Threaded lead exit
  • Hubs on both ends will accept resilient base kits, see Accessories section
  • 4 Locating screws 90 degrees apart, 3.33” from outer edge of shaft slinger
List Price: $950 USD

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General Specifications

Model : 5K48WN3013S Catalog No : K1482
Part Description : 1,850,DP,56Z,3/60/208-230/460 Category : Condenser Fans
Stock : Yes
Nameplate Specifications

Technical Specifications