Bearing Accessories

The bearing products offered by Regal may require accessories to further enhance their value. These accessories range from end caps to lubrication. These accessories can be used on several bearing platforms and are available for customization with support from our Application Engineering group.

End Caps & Backside Seals

Additional sealing accessories are available for enhanced bearing and personal protection. End caps provide a guard from rotating shafts and conform to OHSA requirements for personal protection. In addition, these accessories together can better protect against high-pressure wash down and help reduce bearing moisture contact. Backside shield gaskets are mounted between the bearing and the equipment frame to reduce moisture runoff.

Additional Accessories

Regal also offers additional bearing accessories including different greases designed for your specific application, lubrication fittings to allow for quick connecting of a hose or grease gun to efficiently lubricate bearings and oil hole plugs for bearings that don’t require lubrication fittings. Take up frames let you to mount bearings within the frame to allow for proper tensioning of the conveyor belt which saves you time.

Adapters sleeves are used to mount a tapered bore bearing to a cylindrical shaft.  The adapter sleeves consist of a tapered split sleeve, lock nut and either lock washer or locking plate. Care must be taken during assembly to properly drive the bearing up the taper to avoid preloading the bearing.

Backside shield gaskets are mounted between the bearing and the equipment frame to reduce moisture runoff. Backside shields are available for two and four bolt flange mounted ball bearings.

End caps offer excellent protection against high-pressure wash down. They can be used to reduce bearing moisture contact. They can also provide personal protection in order to conform with OSHA and other regulatory guidelines.

Lock collars are used to properly secure concentric lock bearings or eccentric lock bearings to the shaft.  These items are replacements if required for our mounted bearings and are not interchangeable with other brands.

Take-up frames allow for adjustment and alignment of conveyor assemblies allowing for proper tension of the conveyor belt. These frames contain a positioning screw that adjusts the bearing assembly location along the frame. Center pull and top mount frame designs are available.

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