Leeson<sup>&reg;</sup> Extreme Duck<sup>&reg;</sup> Ultra motor - Reducing Food Processing Plants Downtime

Extreme Duck Ultra

BELOIT, WI, November 2, 2018 — Regal Beloit Corporation, a leading manufacturer of electric motors, electrical motion controls, power generation and power transmission components, will participate in the International Production & Processing Expo, Feb 12-14, 2019 and showcase the Leeson Extreme Duck Ultra motor.


Wet operating conditions, clean-in-place processes and other demanding washdown treatments require specially-designed equipment to handle the high temperature, high pressure, and close proximity of water and mixture of chemicals used during the cleaning process. Regal has engineered major improvements to the Leeson Extreme Duck Ultra motor to meet these challenging demands. Listening to our customers, we’ve enhanced the shaft seal technology to handle installation in any orientation, included a welded conduit connection to the stainless-steel body, and the motor now has an exclusive vacuum epoxy encapsulation system that ensures that whatever is trying to get into the windings is effectively kept out. These features keep your application up and running, so you can focus your efforts elsewhere.


Minimize your plant downtime
Plant downtime emergencies divert limited maintenance personnel and disrupt production at the cost of up to thousands of dollars per hour. When our engineering team embarked on taking the original Extreme Duck motor to the next level, one concept kept coming into play: How do we make this product ultra-simple to install and service and ultra-tight at every sealing point? The result? The exclusive Q-Car™ rotor cartridge that allows for quick and easy access to the interior of the motor, without needing to remove the motor from most installations. We all know that bearings are a wear part and need to be replaced even in the best motor designs. The Q-Car cartridge is now offered as a replacement kit which provides an exact bearing fit every time and replacement in only minutes. The perfect fit bearing means your motor remains watertight just like the day you installed it. Where other competitors’ motors require you to have special tools and extra seals on hand, the Leeson® Extreme Duck® Ultra motor makes it easy. Leaving the motor installed, simply slide out the patented Q-Car™ cartridge (quick access) and replace with the new Q-Car cartridge kit. No damaged seals, no special tools. With time-saving maintenance features like the Q-Car rotor cartridge, the Leeson Extreme Duck Ultra motor is the new model for mission critical performance in the toughest environments and designed to get you up and moving again with little to no downtime.


The Extreme Duck Ultra motor’s Q-Car rotor cartridge makes routine maintenance easy. When every last-minute counts, count on the IP69 Leeson Extreme Duck Ultra Motor.


About Regal Beloit Corporation
Regal Beloit Corporation (NYSE: RBC) is a leading manufacturer of electric motors, electrical motion controls, power generation and power transmission products serving customers throughout the world. We create a better tomorrow by developing and responsibly producing energy-efficient products and systems. Our company is comprised of three operating segments: Commercial and Industrial Systems, Climate Solutions and Power Transmission Solutions. Regal is headquartered in Beloit, Wisconsin and has manufacturing, sales and service facilities worldwide. For more information, visit RegalBeloit.com