Regal's Global Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

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The safety of our associates is paramount

Regal associates are working tirelessly to maintain healthy and safe workplaces all around the world, while providing essential products and solutions that keep our society functioning.  We are grateful to all of our nearly 20,000 associates for their efforts.

Some of the actions we are taking to support our associates include:

  • Suspending all non-essential travel, and non-essential visitors to our facilities, globally;
  • Implementing protocols to ensure social distancing, including adding barriers, extended distances between work stations, increasing the number of vehicles for associate transportation, and adding new cleaning protocols across our global footprint;
  • Supporting temperature checks at many of our facilities as an attempt to reduce the number of individuals with symptoms from being at work;
  • Instituting work from home policies for associates that can effectively do their jobs away from the office;
  • Being flexible with work hours to help associates balance work with personal home needs; and
  • Helping share some of the financial burden for those who need to be home because they are sick or have a family member who is sick.


Continuing to support our customers, around the world

The vast majority of Regal’s manufacturing operations remain open at this time. And we are regularly coordinating with our customers, suppliers, and logistic partners to help insure a reliable supply of product and technical support. Currently, we see no significant impact on our ability to fulfill existing orders as a result of COVID-19.

Regal remains committed to helping our customers experience the fewest possible interruptions to their businesses. Our associates are available to support your orders, respond to inquiries, and provide technical support.


Working to meet responsibilities to our global communities

Many of the products Regal builds are essential to the functioning of our society.  Because of the products we make, we are recognized by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) of U.S. Department of Homeland Security as part of the Critical Manufacturing Sector. In addition, many of the countries where we operate recognize in their legislation the importance of continuing to manufacture products like ours, including Mexico, Italy, Spain and Germany, to name a few.

Our products keep society operating:

  • Refrigeration motors ensure food safety at the grocery store and in the transportation of food
  • Blowers ensure that hot water at hospitals and at restaurants is always available
  • Blowers, motors and mechanical components ensure people have heating in all types of facilities, including their homes, in hospitals, and at elder care facilities
  • Gearing, bearing, couplings and motors that operate on equipment in manufacturing plants and systems in food, consumer goods and pharmaceutical processing lines
  • Generators are used for hospital back up power

Review more examples of where our motors can solve a critical need during this pandemic.


Thank you!


We wish our associates, our customers, and their respective families good health. And we thank our associates and our customers for their support. We remain confident that by working together, and staying informed, we’ll get through this unprecedented situation together!

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