High Performance Test Stand


Meeting the challenges of the auto industry

With the design cycle for engines and transmission accelerating due to technology advances with compressing deliverables being driven by competitive pressure and regulations conventional transmission test rigs have become inadequate to present demands. The need for a technology based solution whereby the transmission could be tested without depending on the corresponding engine and at an earlier stage of the design process was required.

Automotive Innovations

  • Test Stand Drives
  • Battery Simulation Systems
  • Torque Pulse Simulation Drives
  • HubFlex® Shaft Couplings
  • Medium Voltage Motors
  • Automotive Duty Motors
  • PMAC Axial Flux Motors
  • PMAC Radial Flux Motors
  • IEC IE3 Motors
  • Heavy Duty Modular Belts

Value Proposition

Regal’s brands produce high performance test stands to high quality conveyor systems and AC electric motors that keep auto assembly lines moving.        

We provide market leading solutions that reduce energy consumption, improve process throughput, provide sustainability, and increase productivity and uptime.  

High performance conveyor systems are at the cutting edge of what we do. We are recognized for producing reliable solutions that solve problems in critical applications where performance is crucial. 

Regal, with it's System Plast® conveyor products, is one of the world's leading suppliers in that application. These products include chains, belts, sprockets, components and guide rails and wear strips. Our products are designed to help our customers increase their productivity and improve their working environment. System Plast® conveying components can assist in improvements in the following areas:

  • Throughput efficiency
  • Noise reduction
  • Hygiene improvement
  • Lubrication reduction
  • Energy conservation

Our Marathon® brand motors have been a leader in the motor industry for over 100 years, creating motors that are designed to work in the high performance and extreme conditions of the automotive industry. 
  • Marathon® Blue Chip Series® XRI® automotive duty motors are designed tough with built-in reliability for years of trouble free service. Totally enclosed severe duty construction and additional epoxy coatings protect against the harshest environments, thus prolonging life and reducing unnecessary downtime.  Rugged die cast aluminum rotors are precision balanced. This reduces overall system vibrations, thereby increasing equipment longevity. Vibration tests are documented and shipped with each motor as standard.
  • The Blue Chip Series® XRI® severe duty motor meets Ford’s EM-1 specifications for  automotive duty motors*. These motors incorporate features that guarantee years of high performance in the most demanding automotive applications from parts forming, metal cutting, and assembly to test stands. These motors meet or exceed the vibration, temperature rise, and sound levels contained within the motor industries toughest specification.
  • The Blue Chip Series® XRI® IEEE-841 automotive duty motor meets General Motors 7E-TA specification for sound levels, vibration, and temperature rise. These motors incorporate an Inpro/Seal® VBX® bearing isolator for added protection against corrosive environments. This added protection shields vital components from metal chips, cutting fluids, and oil-based contaminants.

*Inpro/Seal is a trademark of Inpro/Seal LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Our expertise goes beyond just product engineering to include a deep understanding of your applications so that together we can apply the best solutions to optimize your product design, reduce overall cost, and increase your equipment's performance.



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