Hermetic Stator and Permanent Magnet Rotor Assembly

Compressors and Turbomachinery

Leading the industry in performance

Hermetic compressors are used in a wide range of refrigeration applications like supermarkets, meat processing, and cold rooms, as well as for cooling and air conditioning buildings. The industry’s goal is to increase compressor efficiency and create higher performance: all in a smaller, lightweight package.


Compressor & Turbomachinery Innovations

  • Powerlign® Torque Monitoring System
  • Max-C® Resilient Hybrid Couplings
  • HubFlex® Shaft Couplings
  • Medium Voltage Motors
  • Severe Duty Motors
  • PMAC Axial Flux Motors
  • PMAC Radial Flux Motors
  • IEC IE3 Motors
  • High Performance Couplings


Innovative solutions that set the standard for efficiency and performance

Genteq® hermetic motors offer unique solutions that employ internal permanent magnet (IPM) and surface permanent magnet (SPM) motor technologies. IPM and SPM motors have some of the highest system efficiencies and power densities for refrigeration compressor applications of all motor types. These permanent magnet motors are well suited for a broad range of compression applications including, but not limited to, scroll, rotary screw, and centrifugal compressors with power ranges from 0.5kW to 600kW. 

Value Proposition

Regal’s brands have been leaders in the refrigeration industry for over 60 years, providing leading edge technologies, fast paybacks and reliable solutions that deliver outstanding performance 24/7 in these critical applications. 

In commercial refrigeration, the Morrill® motors and ELCO® motors brands have provided unique BLDC solutions that save energy and provide exact drop-in replacement to older less efficient shaded pole and PSC motors. These technologies increase ROI to supermarkets, convenient stores and gas stations in retrofit applications. The OEM enhances the payback almost immediately when incorporating our integrated cooling packages into new display cases, beverage and food dispensers along with commercial refrigeration applications. 

Our Genteq® hermetic motors is an integral part of reciprocating, screw and scroll compressors used in refrigeration systems in residential and commercial applications. Our innovations and technologies provide for variable speed, size reductions, and high quality solutions that deliver outstanding performance, increasing payback and reducing warranty expense.

Marathon® generators have been a choice of the transportation industry in trucking, rail, and marine refrigeration systems. Our highly reliable permeant magnet reefer solutions are built tough for these demanding and critical applications.  When the name says "Marathon®", the OEM and end user knows the generator will go the distance.

The Marathon® motors provide low and medium voltage motor solutions to commercial and industrial refrigeration systems. Our motors are designed tough to work in high ambient conditions in around the clock applications. The high efficiency provided by our leading edge PMAC radial and axial flux motors provides for fast paybacks and high reliability. 

Our expertise goes beyond just product engineering to include a deep understanding of your applications so that together we can apply the best solutions to optimize your product design, reduce overall cost, and increase your equipment's performance.


Associated Brands

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