Deepwater Construction Vessel

Crane Hoist Winch Innovation

Cutting Edge Solution

Aegir is a state-of-the-art monohulled, deep-water construction vessel with the capacity to execute complex infrastructure and pipeline projects in ultra-deep water as well as the installations of fixed platforms in shallow water. The ship requires a special barge and mooring system that requires exact positioning when laying pipeline in 3500m depths.   


Crane, Hoist, Winch Innovations

  • IEC & NEMA Brake Motors
  • Solid State Starters
  • Medium Voltage Drives
  • Medium Voltage Motors
  • Q-D™ Bushings
  • JAUFLEX® Shaft Couplings
  • HERA® Gearmotors
  • Vector Duty Motors with Encoders


“Mission Critical” Products for Tough Applications

We have been providing solutions for more than 50 years to the crane, hoist, and winch industry. Our experience includes providing couplings for installation in drum drives of hoisting machinery, and specially designed high-torque brakemotors. Our medium voltage AC drives and motors are “Performance Matched“ for unparalleled dependability.   

ROTOR nl® marine motors, known for their reliability and toughness, were selected for the mooring and anchor winches. The anchor winches consist of 200kW IC410 motors with special M5 coatings applied to withstand the extreme conditions in which they operated.  The barge mooring winches consist of 190kW IC416 motors with a Pintsch Bamag signaling system and M5 coatings. The mooring winches keep the ship in position during the critical pipe-laying procedures. 



Value Proposition

We have a developed a reputation for conservative motor designs, highly engineered motion control, and power transmission products used in a vast array of commercial and industrial applications around the globe.


Market leading solutions that reduce energy consumption, improve process throughput, provide sustainability, increase productivity, and uptime are at the heart of what drives our world.


The Blue Chip XRI® family of motors have led the motor industry for over 30 years in “Mission Critical” applications where NEMA Premium® IE3 efficiencies and severe duty construction are required.


BlackMAX® and BlueMAX® inverter duty motors with the patented MAXGUARD® insulation system have stood the test of time as the choice of the design engineer when specifying variable speed motors for the most demanding applications. With unlimited lead length and protection against the potential destructive forces associated with the high switching frequencies of today’s PWM drives, you can be assured of reliable and dependable performance year after year.

Today, we build on our 100-year-old legacy of innovative and efficient designs by the joining of magnetics, motors, and controls into a single leading technology. This allows for unparalleled power densities, unprecedented performance, and unmatched efficiencies.

SyMAX® and NovaMAX PMAC radial flux motors allow you to imagine and implement possibilities that no conventional induction motor or competing variable speed technology can provide in a host of commercial and industrial applications.


High efficiency mechanical solutions are at the cutting edge of what we do best. We are recognized for producing reliable solutions that solve problems in critical applications where performance is crucial.


System Plast is a world leader in conveyor systems and components that reduce energy consumption, improve sustainability, and increase throughput in material handling, bottling, and conveyors.


Our expertise goes beyond just product engineering to include a deep understanding of your applications so that together we can apply the best solutions to optimize your product design, reduce overall cost, and increase your equipment's performance


As one of the undisputed global leaders in Brushless Direct Current (BLDC), PMAC radial and axial flux technologies, bearings, controls, couplings, drive components, gearing and conveyor systems, we deliver exceptional solutions to industries such as Aerospace, Aggregate, Agriculture, Air Moving, Automotive, Beverage, Cement, Commercial HVAC, Compressor, Crane and Winch, Marine, Material Handling, Mining, Oil and Gas, and Pumping.


*NEMA and NEMA Premium are trademarks of National Electrical Manufactures Association. All Rights Reserved.


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