Coupling Monitoring System

Coupling Monitoring System

A history of innovation and design excellence…

Regal's Kop-Flex® brand offers one of the widest ranges of coupling solutions available today which include increased performance; high-speed disc, diaphragm, and gear couplings; and off-the-shelf standard couplings, just to name a few. We can provide engineered and customized couplings as the solution to meeting your application challenges. Faced with rising fuel costs and increasing environmental awareness on regulation, like the NOx emission standards, torque meters are increasingly being used more frequently to measure power, speed, and torque on critical rotating machines.


Power Generation Innovations

  • Mounted Bearings
  • Medium Voltage AC Drives
  • HubFlex® Shaft Couplings
  • Medium Voltage Motors
  • Shaker Table Motors
  • Roller Bearings
  • Monitoring Systems
  • Variable Speed Motors
  • HERA® Geardrives


...To monitoring system for coupling applications!

The Powerlign® Performance Torque Monitoring System for coupling applications monitors torque differentials that can indicate performance problems such as blade fouling and over-torqueing, leading to coupling shaft or equipment failure if not addressed right away. When performance declines, more fuel is burned and NOx emission increases. However, torque meters provide a cost effective and proactive maintenance plan for diagnosing these problems early on, allowing for the necessary adjustments to be made to a system before problems can further develop.

The Powerlign® was moved from simple diagnostics to true control. The patented, unique architecture allows for more advanced system control with full integrated support for distributed control systems.

Value Proposition

Time to harden solutions for “Mission Critical” applications in tough industries!

Regal's brands have been providing innovative solutions to the power industry for over 75 years: from highly engineered solid state controls, AC drives, and motors to power transmission components.   

We provide market leading solutions that reduce energy consumption, improve process throughput, provide sustainability, and increase productivity and uptime.  

High performance belt drives, couplings and bearings are at the cutting edge of what we do. We are recognized for producing reliable solutions that solve problems in critical applications where performance is crucial. 

  • The Browning® brand’s unique design V-belts enhance performance, providing increased horsepower capacity in short center drives. Our single fabric design reduces vibration with increased belt life.    
  • The Kop-Flex® brand of couplings offers torque monitoring systems, high performance disc, diaphragm, gear, and hybrid couplings that extended operating life and reduced downtime.
  • Rollway® bearings offer a complete line of global, unmounted specialty bearings to service fossil fuel applications.
  • SealMaster® mounted bearings offer innovative sealing technology in a variety of configurations and housing styles to address the harsh environments of fossil fuel plants.

Our Marathon® motor brand has been a leader in the motor industry for over 100 years, creating motors that are designed to work in high performance and harsh conditions. 
  • The Blue Blue Chip Series® XRI® family of low and medium voltage motors has led the motor industry for over 30 years in applications where NEMA Premium® IE3 efficiencies and variable speed are required. The family consists of low voltage general purpose, severe duty, and variable speed motors through 600 horsepower. Medium voltage motors are available through 13.8kV and 10,000 horsepower.

Today, our "Marathon®" brand builds on its 100-year-old legacy of innovative and efficient designs by the joining of magnetics, motors, and controls into a single leading technology. This allows for unparalleled power densities, unprecedented performance, and unmatched efficiencies. 
  • SyMAX® and NovaMAX™ PMAC radial flux motors allow you to imagine and implement possibilities that no conventional induction motor or competing variable speed technology could provide in a host of power plant applications. These high torque motors meet IE4 plus efficiencies in a smaller frame size than traditional motors, providing added savings in operating cost.

Our expertise goes beyond just product engineering to include a deep understanding of your applications so that together we can apply the best solutions to optimize your product design, reduce overall cost, and increase your equipment's performance.

*NEMA and NEMA Premium are trademarks of National Electrical Manufactures Association. All Rights Reserved.

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