Food Innovation

Rolling in the Dough

The customer has a sophisticated internal logistical system that conveys pans and trays with bread around the factory. The conveyor is dry running so, naturally, bread crumbs and similar containments must be taken into account. The customer was using a competitor’s stainless-steel chain which presented significant amounts of wear after only one year. Noise was an additional issue!


Food Innovations

  • Wash Down Duty™ IEC & NEMA Motors
  • NEMA 4X DC Drives
  • Stainless Steel Chain
  • Stainless Steel Encoders
  • Stainless Steel Gear Drives
  • NEMA 4X SS AC Drives
  • Stainless Steel Bearings
  • Stainless Steel Brakes
  • Conveyor Components
  • Composite Bearings


Making Bread out of Dough

The innovators at Regal took a totally new approach to this problem. They developed the System Plast® NG® Evo conveyor chain, featuring a proprietary, low-friction FDA-approved material for dry conveying in food packaging applications. The NG Evo chain builds on the success of the original NG chain which is widely used for dry conveying in the bottling industry. The new chain provides a higher breaking load, greater elasticity, lower coefficient of friction, and much greater abrasion resistance than the original.

The System Plast NG Evo chain is an advanced, low-friction chain that can eliminate or greatly reduce wasteful water-and-soap lubrication that’s typically used on food and beverage conveyors. It also reduces the costs and energy for water reclamation/treatment and eliminates the wear paste buildup, noise pulsation, and hygiene issues caused by mineral-oil-based dry lubricants.

Value Proposition

Our brands have a reputation for products that meet the demands of the food industry: anywhere from highly engineered controls and power transmission products to low voltage IEC and NEMA motors that operate in the harshest of environments and ambient conditions. We provide market leading solutions that reduce energy consumption, improve process throughput, provide sustainability, and increase productivity and uptime.

High efficiency mechanical solutions are at the cutting edge of what we do best. We are recognized for producing reliable solutions that solve problems in critical applications where performance is crucial.

  • Our Hub City brand of high efficiency gear drives maximum performance and service life. Industry leading solutions such as HERA®gear drive, HubFlex® couplings and Cleanline™ stainless steel bearings continue to lead the power transmission industry in innovations that save energy or solve problems.
  • Regal, with its System Plast® brand, is a global leader in high quality plastic conveyor chains, modular plastic belts and conveying components for the beverage industry. Regal, with its System Plast® brand, continues to be an innovator within the industry by providing conveying solutions that reduce production and maintenance downtime while increasing conveyor speeds.

Motors & controls that have stood the test of time in the most demanding applications. We build tough products for zone one through zone three food applications.
  • The LEESON®Wash Down Duty™ motors have set the pace for over 25 years providing unique solutions to sanitation issues within the beverage industry. IEC and NEMA Premium® IE3 efficiencies motors are available that deliver energy savings and reduce maintenance.
  • Marathon® Black MAX® and microMAX inverter duty motors, with the patented MAX GUARD® motor insulation system have stood the test of time as the choice of the design engineer when specifying variable speed motors for the most demanding applications. With unlimited lead length and protection against the potential destructive forces associated with the high switching frequencies of today’s PWM drives, you can be assured of reliable and dependable performance year after year.
  • SyMAX® PMAC radial flux motors usher in a new generation of integrated motors and controls that reduce weight and size and simplify wiring. These high performance integrated packages are ideal solutions for conveying applications.

Our expertise goes beyond just product engineering to include a deep understanding of your applications so that together we can apply the best solutions to optimize your product design, reduce overall cost, and increase your equipment's performance.

*NEMA and NEMA Premium are trademarks of National Electrical Manufactures Association. All Rights Reserved.

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