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Demand is driven by industrial, commercial, and residential needs for electrical power, which depends mainly on economic activity and population growth. Government regulations, emissions, and clean air requirements determine plant profitability.   

Maintenance Planning
Our high-quality power transmission products, motors, and controls help reduce excess downtime for more reliable scheduling of maintenance. 

Control & Monitoring
Power plants are highly automated with monitoring equipment, sensing changes in loads based on system demands.  Our customized control solutions combine control, monitoring, and MMI functionality saving time, to increase uptime and deliver high paybacks.   
Power Generation Fossil Industry

Power Generation - Fossil Solutions

Power Generation Fossil Solution

A powerhouse contacted the Regal team regarding the monitoring of Kop-Flex® couplings to improve performance along with monitoring critical operations within the operation. Past practices were to walk the plant, looking for problems, and to have a reactive maintenance model versus a proactive forward looking monitoring system. However, as maintenance budgets were cut, the frequency of coupling failures and the need for coupling replacements and repairs increased.

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  • NEMA® MG1-2006
  • EISA/NEMA Premium®
  • Underwriters Laboratories
  • Canadian Standards Association
  • CE Mark

Nema is believed to be the trademark and/or trade name of National Electrical Manufacturers Association and is not owned or controlled by Regal Beloit Corporation.

Power Generation - Fossil Reference List

Regal manufactures high quality motors, controls and power transmission products for a myriad of industries and applications: from high efficiency severe duty, pump, and shaker table motors to medium voltage motors. Our drives and controls are “Performance Matched” to operate seamlessly with our motors. The reliability of our power transmission products guarantees years of trouble free performance in the most demanding applications. We offer custom control solutions that save energy and reduce downtime, returning a high ROI.

Motor Types Blowers Cooling Towers Compressors Conveyors Dust Collection Fans Mixers Pulverizers Pumps Shakers Washers
Gearmotors - AC
Hazardous Duty/ATEX
Integral Horsepower
Medium Voltage
Variable Speed
AC Drives Blowers Cooling Towers Compressors Conveyors Dust Collection Fans Mixers Pulverizers Pumps Shakers Washers
AC Drives
Power Transmission Blowers Cooling Towers Compressors Conveyors Dust Collection Fans Mixers Pulverizers Pumps Shakers Washers
Belt Drives
Conveyor Components
Gear Reducers
Mounted Bearings

Segment Analysis

United States Industry Overview

The Coal and Natural Gas Power industry has wavered over the past five years, resulting in stagnant revenue growth. While coal-based power generation still dominates the power production realm, the industry has become increasingly focused on natural gas. While natural gas prices have traditionally been low, the glut in production, as a result of the shale boom, has pushed prices even lower, hastening the shift toward this power source.

Electric Power Consumption

Electric power consumption represents the total amount of electricity consumed in the United States, the majority of which is sourced from coal and natural gas power. As electric power consumption increases, demand for the electricity produced by coal and natural gas power plants rises as well, leading to growth in industry revenue.

Value of Utilities Construction

The value of utilities construction measures the amount of capital spent annually on the construction of power plants. Growth in the value of utilities construction suggests growth in the quantity of electricity generated nationally, increasing the potential for expansion in industry revenue. Slight growth is projected through 2022.



Power Generation Fossil Market Segment

Power Generation - Fossil Regal Brands


Regal actively supports and participates in industry leading trade associations, such as the American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA), National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) and the Power Transmission Distributor Association (PTDA) that promote the power generation industry and its member organizations.
Power Generation Fossil Association
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