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Warehouse distribution looks for solutions to minimize energy consumption and optimize production output. Demand is driven by overall industrial production and companies’ desire to automate production and facilitate the efficient flow of goods to market.

Built-in Reliability

We build reliability into our motors, controls, and power transmission components so they operate flawlessly in the toughest of environments and applications.

One Source – One Solution

We are a leader in the material handling industry, providing variable speed motors, reducers, couplings, geardrives, mounted bearings, VFDs and solid state controls. We have the expertise to turn-key a project that comes from over 75 years of providing solutions to 100’s of thousands of applications.

Forklift in Warehouse

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Rock Crusher Solution

A rock crusher is at the heart of every quarry, demanding high performance and uptime and working in the toughest environments day in and day out to drive production and profits.

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  • NEMA MG1-2006
  • EISA/NEMA Premium®
  • Underwriters Laboratories
  • Canadian Standards Association
  • CE Mark
Educational Rollup

Educational Training Sessions

Knowledge of product features and benefits is important to get the most out of your equipment.

Product Selection Rollup

Onsite Diagnostics and Application Reviews

Power Transmission Solutions' Engineers work closely with each customer, to understand the day-to-day challenges and keep your business moving forward.

Onsite Application Rollup

Product Selection Assistance

Power Transmission Solutions’ Engineers have the knowledge and experience to support your company’s mechanical power transmission needs.

Drive Commissioning Rollup

Drive Commissioning and Startup

A representative from our dedicated service team can be on-site for installation, alignment, and commissioning. This applies whether you are installing new mechanical power transmission products or retrofitting an existing application.

Product Monitoring Rollup

Product Monitoring

Power Transmission Solutions is committed to offering you a durable product that will keep your operation up and running. To meet that goal, we identify trends and help our customers solve problems before they become an issue.

Product Repair Rollup

Product Repair or Rebuild

We have facilities in the USA, Canada, and Europe, along with a network of licensed repair facilities throughout the world. Together we can handle any coupling or Power Transmission Solutions product anytime, anywhere.

Material Handling - Bulk Reference List

Regal manufacturer’s high quality motors, control and power transmission products for a myriad of applications. From state-of-the-art PMAC motors to inverter and vector duty motors that lead the industry in efficiencies and performance.  Our drives and controls are Performance Matched to operate seamlessly with our motors.  The reliability of our power transmission products guarantee years of trouble free operation and savings.  

The application table is designed as a general guideline to help you select the correct motor, Variable Frequence Drive (VFD) or power transmission component for a specific piece of equipment used in material handling industry. 


Motor Types Bulk Handling Conveyors Cranes & Hoists Lift Tables Loaders Monorails Palletizers Stackers Wrappers
Integral Horsepower
PMAC Radial Flux
Variable Speed
Drives & Starters Bulk Handling Conveyors Cranes & Hoists Lift Tables Loaders Monorails Palletizers Stackers Wrappers
Low Voltage VFD
Solid State LV Starter
Power Transmission Bulk Handling Conveyors Cranes & Hoists Lift Tables Loaders Monorails Palletizers Stackers Wrappers
Conveyor Components
Gear Reducers
Mounted Bearings

Segment Analysis

Industrial production index
An increase in industrial production index indicates an increase in manufacturing activity, which in turn drives demand for material handling products.

The Conveyor Manufacturing industry is a mature industry with clearly defined markets and widely accepted product lines that have few substitutes. A variety of downstream industries drive demand for this industry’s diverse set of product lines.  

Beyond 2016, industry performance will strengthen as key domestic and foreign downstream markets grow in line with falling unemployment, renewed consumer spending and increased business investment.     


Material Handling Market Segment
Material Handling - Bulk Innovation
Material Handling Innovation
Maintenance Intensive Worm Gear Reducers

Our customer needed an alternative to its continuous purchasing and stocking of eight different gearbox ratings at a cost of $300 to $800 each. The company had maintenance-intensive worm gear reducers that often leaked and failed, causing excessive plant downtime.

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Regal actively supports and participates in industry leading trade associations, such as the Material Handling Industry of America, which is the voice of the material handling industry and its member organizations.
Material Handling Association