Companies continue to drive water and energy reduction used in the production of beverage products. This allows them to reduce their footprint and impact on the environment.


High Performance
We produce high performance, energy efficient motors, controls, gearing and conveyor components that maximize equipment performance, enhance operating profits by reducing energy cost.

Industry Leading Solutions
The industry continues to focus on more reliable products that require minimal service. We are an industry leader in providing stainless steel, composite and epoxy coated power transmission systems, motors and controls along with conveyor components that meet global standards.


Beverage Solutions



Bottling Solution

Innovation is in our DNA. Our solutions are designed to reduce energy consumption, increase uptime and withstand extreme wash-down and sanitization requirements in a beverage processing application such as a bottling transfer line.

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Craft Brew Conveyor Solution Story

System Plast®NGE modular belts and Nolu®-S wear strips, Sealmaster® bearings, Hub City® HERA® gearboxes, and LEESON® motors. These products optimize efficiency and result in a 100% dry running conveyor line, providing both production efficiency and sustainability.

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Food and Beverage

Beverage Related Videos

Extreme Duck Ultra Q-Car Installation Instructions

Quickly replace the bearings on the Extreme Duck Ultra motor by following these simple disassembly/reassembly instructions.

Leeson Duck Motors

The LEESON® Extreme Duck® Ultra IP69 certified washdown motor designed to withstand high temperature, high pressure, and close proximity of water and mixture of chemicals used during the cleaning process.

Washdown Application Solutions from Regal® PTS

Regal® products resolve washdown application challenges with LEESON® and Marathon® motors, Grove Gear® or Hub City gearboxes, Sealmaster® bearings and System Plast® NG® EVO conveyor chain.

Beverage Reference List

Regal manufacturer’s high quality motors, controls and power transmission products for a myriad of applications. We are a leader for motors that are used in beverage applications and lead the industry in efficiencies and performance.  Our drives and controls are “Performance Matched” to operate seamlessly with our motors.  The reliability of our power transmission products guarantee years of trouble free operation and savings.

The application table is designed as a general guideline to help you select the correct motor, Variable Frequence Drive (VFD) or power transmission component for a specific piece of equipment used in the beverage industry. 


Motor Types Bottling Capping Carbonators Conveyors Dryers Filling Packaging Pelletizers Pumps Sterilization Washers
DC Motors
Gearmotors - AC
Gearmotors - DC
Integral Horsepower
Stainless Steel
Variable Speed
Drives & Starters Bottling Capping Carbonators Conveyors Dryers Filling Packaging Pelletizers Pumps Sterilization Washers
AC Drives
DC Drives
Drives & Starters Bottling Capping Carbonators Conveyors Dryers Filling Packaging Pelletizers Pumps Sterilization Washers
AC Drives
DC Drives

Segment Analysis

Industrial production index

An increase in industrial production index indicates an increase in manufacturing activity, which in turn drives demand for material handling products.

The Conveyor Manufacturing industry is a mature industry with clearly defined markets and widely accepted product lines that have few substitutes. A variety of downstream industries drive demand for this industry’s diverse set of product lines.  

Beyond 2016, industry performance will strengthen as key domestic and foreign downstream markets grow in line with falling unemployment, renewed consumer spending and increased business investment.     


Beverage Market Segment

Beverage Regal Brands


Regal actively supports and participates in industry leading trade associations such as the Power Transmission Distributor Association (PTDA) that promote the motion control industry and it’s member organizations.   
Beverage Association
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