Assembly plants are highly automated production lines fitted with high-tech machinery and equipment. Companies in this industry must spend large sums on their plants and equipment, with periodic reinvestment in the case of equipment failure. 

Reduced Maintenance
With more stress to maximize production, facilities are more focused than ever on equipment performance, ease of maintenance, and Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF).

Energy Efficiency
High efficiency products and solutions are a must, driving ROI decisions and plant profitability.   
Automotive Industry

Automotive Solutions

Automotive Solution

A leading automotive manufacturer was in the process of developing a state-of-the-art dual strand test tunnel that simulated rain and water ingress into the automobile. The conveyor required ease of maintenance, reduced wear, increased uptime, enhanced safety, limited mistracking,  and fast component changeover: all of which are critical to the application.

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Automotive Literature Training

  • NEMA MG1-2006
  • EISA/NEMA Premium®
  • Underwriters Laboratories
  • Canadian Standards Association
  • CE Mark

Automotive Reference List

Regal manufactures high quality motors, controls and power transmission products for a myriad of Industries and applications. From high efficiency severe duty, automotive duty motors to medium voltage. Our drives and controls are “Performance Matched” to operate seamlessly with our motors. The reliability of our power transmission products guarantee years of trouble free performance. Our system solutions deliver game changing technologies that keep you in the driver’s seat!       


Motor Types Assembly Blowers Conveyors Exhaust Fans Forming Paint Lines Pumps Test Stands
Gearmotors - AC
Gearmotors - DC
Integral Horsepower
Variable Speed
Drives & Starters Assembly Blowers Conveyors Exhaust Fans Forming Paint Lines Pumps Test Stands
AC Drives
DC Drives
Power Transmission Assembly Blowers Conveyors Exhaust Fans Forming Paint Lines Pumps Test Stands
Belt Drives
Conveyor Components
Gear Reducers
Mounted Bearings

Segment Analysis

United States Industry Overview

Despite negative revenue gains, the industry has expanded due to increasing product innovation. In turn, operators have increased capital investment to modernized equipment. The industry is expected to continue decreasing over the five years to 2022; however, declines are projected to be softer than the previous five-year period.

Consumer Confidence Index

People will generally postpone big-ticket purchases, such as new vehicles, when consumer confidence is low. Consumer confidence plummeted during the recession; consequently, the effects flowed upstream to automakers. The Consumer Confidence Index is expected to decrease in 2017.

Demand from new car dealers

The performance of the New Car Dealers industry (IBISWorld report 44111) is largely reflective of the automotive sector as a whole. As demand for new automobiles increases, new car dealers prosper. Greater demand at the retail level will increase demand at the manufacturing level. The New Car Dealers industry is expected to increase in 2017, posing a potential opportunity for the industry.

Automotive Market Segment

Automotive Regal Brands


Regal actively supports and participates in industry leading trade associations, such as the Material Handling Industry (MHI), National Electrical Manufacturers Association and the Power Transmission Distributor Association that promote the automotive industry and its member organizations
Automotive Association
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