Nolu® Conveyor Components


System Plast® neck guides allow PET containers to flow smoothly in high speed, air conveying applications. Nolu-SR is a proprietary blend of UHMW and other USDA accepted lubricants.  Nolu-SR material allows for a harder, lower friction material that is ideal in these applications. Though designs differ, the material of choice is Nolu-SR. This material is proven to increase throughput, reduce jams and wear longer.



Features & Benefits:



  • Nolu-SR™  material is a special UHMWPE with modified molecular structure that helps guide PET containers in high speed applications.
  • Nolu-SX material has same characteristics as Nolu-SR™  material, but with reduced thermal expansion (up to 40%)]
  • Nolu-S material will not mark bottles while allowing faster speeds and greater throughput