<p><span>System Plast<sup>&reg;</sup> modular bearing assemblies are available for harsh wash down environments often found in food and beverage processing. Units consist of sealed and lubricated inch and metric bearings contained within a variety of housing materials, styles and options with optional end caps and back seals.</span></p>


The System Plast<sup>&reg;</sup> brand is a global leader in high-quality steel &amp; plastic flat top conveyor chains, modular plastic belts, and industry-leading ValuGuide<sup>&reg;</sup> conveying components. Applications of our products include food &amp; beverage packaging, package handling and other unit material handling.

Dynaplate<sup>™</sup> Roller Transfer Plate

System Plastoffers one of the largest conveying component lines in the market featuring our exclusive Valu Guide® guide rail and accessories. Our extensive component offering provides all of the quality products needed to properly assemble, support, guide and guard conveyor systems and products. Our almost limitless choice of innovative solutions make it possible to arrange conveying systems for the most diverse product requirements.

ModSort<sup>&reg;</sup> Divert & Transfer Module

Our System Plast® ModSort® divert & transfer module is a low-noise, low voltage modular transfer/diverter station. It can easily integrate with new or existing systems, eliminating the need for a lift, pneumatics, or Z-direction position feedback devices.

Perforated Top/Flush Grid Modular Belts

Our System Plast® perforated top and flush grid modular belts are offered in a variety of pitches, widths and thicknesses. A variety of materials are also available to provide conveying solutions for almost any application.

Nolu<sup>&reg;</sup> Conveyor Components

System Plast® neck guides allow PET containers to flow smoothly in high speed, air conveying applications. Nolu-SR material is a proprietary blend of UHMW and other USDA accepted lubricants. Nolu-SR material allows for a harder, lower friction material that is ideal in these applications. Though designs differ, the material of choice is Nolu-SR. This material is proven to increase throughput, reduce jams and wear longer.

SaniStar<sup>&reg;</sup> Leveler

SaniStar® Leveler products are made of Stainless steel with many different shaft lengths and base diameters.

SpeedSet™ Side Guide Adjustment System

The SpeedSet™ conveyor bracket is a spring loaded system that can be easily adjusted with no tools required. They therefore can accommodate line size changes very quickly.

ValuFlex™ Serpentine Wear Strip System

System Plast® conveyor chain return rollers are made from impact resistant material. They are highly resistant to chemicals and have self lubricating characteristics. A urethane sleeve or ribbed under cover option is available. This allows for better traction, low noise and long service life. Other options include a completely solid version, plus side flanges for each type of roller.

ValuGuide<sup>®</sup> Guide Rails

ValuGuide® Bead Guides and Combiners provide excellent problem solutions. They are used in areas on a conveying line where containers have trouble moving smoothly. These areas cause products to crown together or jam. The dense patterns of free moving beads or rollers create a durable low friction guiding surface. The free rolling action does not allow the product to create any friction points or bridges, which can cause unwanted shutdowns.

ValuTrac™ Conveyor Components

​​ValuTrac™ straight and corner modules are designed to guide side flexing steel and plastic conveyor chains. ValuTrac™ has proven to be a cost effective improvement over fabricated straight and corner wear strips. ValuTrac is manufactured with state of the art computer controlled machinery. This ensures parallel module sides and a smooth uniform chain guiding surface.

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