PN Gold Mounted Ball Bearings


Sealmaster® PN Gold mounted bearings come within a variety of 316 stainless casting or high strength composite housing configurations. They feature high phosphorus, electroless nickel coated steel inserts with patented seal technology. They are available with either setscrew or SKWEZLOC® concentric locking collars.


The high performance triple-lip seal is the latest innovation on sealing technology. The combination of stainless flingers and FKM lip materials provides strong defense against contaminant entry, GoldPlex® FG H1 food grade grease loss, and wear.


The PN Gold Mounted ball bearings are specifically engineered to provide outstanding performance for industries with corrosive wash-down environments. These can include food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and chemical processing.

Sealmaster PN Gold Mounted Ball Bearings
Sealmaster PN Gold Mounted Ball Bearings
Sealmaster PN Gold Mounted Ball Bearings



Housing Styles 

Pillow Block, Flanges, Hanger, Take Up, and ER Styles

Locking Styles 
Setscrew and Concentric

Bore Diameter Size Range 
3/4” to 2 7/16”
20 to 60mm

Housing Material 
316 Stainless Steel, High Strength Composite

Sealmaster PN Gold Mounted Ball Bearings

Features & Benefits:


Bearing Races


The inner and outer rings of the Sealmaster® PN Gold are manufactured with high phosphorous electroless nickel plated 52100 steel. This provides exceptional corrosion resistance.

Wide Outer Race


Sealmaster® products offer the industry’s widest outer race. The high phosphorous, electroless nickel outer race is 13-26% wider than conventional outer races. It comes standard with patented tapered-land bearing race profile that achieves increased grease capacity with improved sealing options. Additionally, the wider outer ring increases surface area for greater absorption of shock load.

The outer land surface in a conventional bearing is parallel to the axis of the inner ring. This is while the tapered-land surface is attenuated in a radial direction toward the bearing race. This subtle yet crucial design change ensures that lubricant will be efficiently redirected back to the raceway. Improved bearing lubricant circulation results in significantly longer bearing service life. Plus, this is achieved with no reduction in the bearing's radial or thrust capacities.

For bearings that are maintained and relubricated on a regular basis, there is no significant difference in expected service life.

Stainless Steel Housing


A high quality solid base is designed with passivated 316 stainless steel investment casting. This provides the highest amount of corrosion resistance currently available for stainless steel housings. The investment casting process yields a smooth, easy-to-clean surface. Solid construction with a machined base is designed for minimal gaps with no fillings.



High strength composite with reinforced stainless steel bolt ferrules for high load capacity. It also provides increased strength around the bolt holes. The solid construction with machined base was designed for minimal gaps with no fillings.

High Performance Seal (HPS)


The triple-lip contact seal design provides multi-directional sealing to minimize contamination entry and retain lubrication. It comes standard on all units. The 304 stainless steel shell and flingers protect from incoming contaminants. They also provide a wear-resistant contact surface on all three seal lips. The grease cavities in the seal assembly are factory-filled with lubricant prior to shipment for additional contaminant protection.

Specialized Food Grade Lubrication


Sealmaster® PN Gold bearings are factory-filled with USDA HI-approved Sealmaster® GoldPlex®-FG (Food Grade) grease. This is ideal for mounted bearing lubrication when incidental contact with food products may occur, or in any application where clean, routine lubrication is required.

Lock Pin and Dimple


Sealmaster® products offer a locking pin and dimple system. This provides direct lubricant into the bearing cavity and ball path instead of around a lubrication groove. This prevents outer ring rotation, sometimes referred to as "creep." It also allows ±2° of static misalignment of the bearing insert.

Multiple Locking Methods

Setscrew Locking


Using 300-series stainless steel with 120° balanced three-point contact minimizes vibration, reduces noise, and improves reliability. A precision-manufactured diamond faceted setscrew design contributes to improved clamping and resistance to backout.

Sealmaster SKWEZLOC® Concentric Locking Collar


The near-perfect concentricity of the SKWEZLOC® Concentric Locking Collar design provide several benefits:

• near-perfect ball path roundness
• fretting corrosion reduction
• eliminates shaft damage form setscrew locking
• minimizes bearing-induced vibration

This delivers smoother and quieter operation. The collar is coated for corrosion resistance. It has a Torx head cap screw that resists stripping up to 12 times longer than hex screws.

Zone Hardened Inner Race


Sealmaster® bearings incorporate a unique heat-treating process that hardens the inner race only where needed. The location being directly under the ball path itself. The high phosphorous electroless nickel-plated 52100 steel, zone-hardened inner race results in improved lock reliability. It also provides less distortion at the setscrew location and improved thread conformity. Improved clamping and resistance to set screw backout is also achieved.

Land Riding Retainer


The unique Sealmaster® bearing land riding metal retainer design provides superior pocket clearance. This allows for 360° oil circulation around the rolling elements. This creates improved retention and use of lubrication.

Product Identification


Specialized laser identification provides permanent brand and nomenclature marking.