Perceptive Technologies Services

Phone: 800-626-2093 ext. 7

There is a Better Way to Operate

What if you could see the future and change it?

. . . And move from reactive to proactive maintenance to maximize profits?

A Proactive Approach Combining Decades of Experience with New Technology

Reliable Resources

Reliability Engineers

  • Certified & Qualified
  • Global Reach
  • Electro-mechanical Capabilities

Predictive Technologies

  • Wireless Torque
  • Vibration
  • Motor Current Signature Analysis
  • Ultrasonic
  • Infrared Thermography
  • Lubrication Analysis

Proactive Measures

  • Root Cause Investigation
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Metallurgical Testing & Analysis

Available Services

We combine our extensive electrical and mechanical power transmission product knowledge and our vast application experience with our diagnostic tools and troubleshooting expertise to provide complete technical service to our customers.

  • DIAGNOSTICS: Utilize advanced technologies to measure vibration, strain, temperature, power, current-voltage, etc., to determine existing state and measure the effects of changes in products or processes.

  • EDUCATION: On-site, Off-site, On-line and/or in-person training to help customers understand products for better application, installation, use, and maintenance to affect their return on investment.

  • DESIGN: Assist customers in reviewing application needs, selecting products and providing certified layouts and bills of material.

  • INSTALLATION: Provide installation and commissioning of Regal® products.

  • MONITORING: Using proprietary algorithms, it monitors the performance operations of customer equipment to improve total cost of ownership.

  • REPAIR: Repair, rebuild or refurbish damaged or worn power transmission products.

A Single Online Monitoring Solution to Drive Costs Down and Maximize Profits

  • On-line, 24/7 monitoring, analysis & alerting
  • Remote connectivity
  • Critical asset monitoring
  • Building Management System (BMS) integration
  • Maintenance system integration
  • Multiple facilities - a single platform
  • Multiple data sources & types – a single platform

See how Regal can help you see the future, and change it

Prescriptive Analytics

Outcome-driven asset management...

  • Deliver Services which provide outcomes
  • Utilize an ecosystem of products to execute services
  • Promote sustainability to facilitate customer success

With a direct impact on shareholder value

Availability, Throughput, Quality

Safety & Environmental Incidents

Inventory & Capital Replacement

Largest gains typically from increased  availability

Increased employee welfare, fewer environmental releases

Stocking less MRO reducing carrying costs

We Transform Data into Actionable Information

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