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Nicotra Gebhardt® Brand

The Nicotra Gebhardt® brand develops, manufactures and sells fans for many different applications. The manufacturing process is based on a concept of flexible industrial automation, enabling the company to offer either series-produced standard fans, or single-project special products. The company‘s know-how is historically based on expertise in aerodynamics, acoustics, mechanics and assembly, but also includes drive and control technologies. Nicotra-Gebhardt is ISO 9001 certified and its two R&D laboratories are both AMCA Accredited for air-performance measurement.

An appropriate solution for every requirement. Fan solutions for:

  • Ventilation and air-conditioning
  • Roof and smoke extraction
  • Cleanroom applications
  • Industrial and process applications
  • Customised applications


The Nicotra Gebhardt brand of fans is applied in a broad range of applications and in a variety of industries. You can find interesting solutions and innovations by clicking on the links below.

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