MORSE® drive components provide a wide range of solutions to meet application needs for many different industries.


MORSE<sup>&reg;</sup>&nbsp;elastomeric couplings are a unique design that addresses a variety of needs.


MORSE<sup>&reg;</sup> gearing products have a long history of providing a wide variety of worm gear reducer solutions.

Mechanical Power Transmission

The MORSE<sup>&reg;</sup>&nbsp;drive components offering provides both performance and interchangeability to address a variety of needs in today's market.&nbsp;MORSE<sup>&reg; </sup>chain, clutches, speed reducers, torque limiters, worm gearing and couplings are designed to serve a wide range of industries and applications.

Moisture Guard<sup>&reg;</sup> Chain

Morse corrosion resistant roller chain products offer several solutions to help customers with challenging applications in harsh environments.

KK<sup>&reg;</sup> Clutches

KK® compact cam clutches are uniquely constructed with built-in bearing support that is a result of combining a cam clutch with a 6200 Series metric ball bearing. These clutches can be used in a variety of applications ranging from exercise equipment to industrial machinery.

M Series Clutch

M series clutches include hardened precision formed and finished cams. The cam cage assembly is engineered for optimum performance and increased capacity.

MORFLEX<sup>&reg;</sup> Couplings

The MORFLEX® coupling, a proven winner, can compensate for high angular misalignment and is torsionally flexible. Misalignment working angles range from 1.5 to 10 degrees, making the MORFLEX® coupling a unique resilient coupling.

NFS<sup>&reg;</sup> Clutches

NFS® clutches are available in 13 sizes. Designed with the same overall dimensions as a light metric series ball bearing, the bore of the clutch is metric and must be installed with ball bearing support.

POWERGEAR<sup>&reg;</sup> Worm Gear Reducers

POWERGEAR® reducer features include large shafts, rugged casting iron housings, precision gears, and high-performance bearings, all combined to provide a high capacity product.

Raider<sup>&reg;</sup> Plus Worm Gear Reducers

With a large variety of add-on accessories the Raider Plus worm gear reducer is a problem solver. Four available styles make it the most flexible worm gear product in the drives and components portfolio.