TRAKROL® Cam Followers



TRAKROL® bearings feature black oxide treated bearing steel. They utilize either a precision ball or tapered roller bearing insert for longer operating life under combination radial and thrust loads. The capacity for combination loads allows the TRAKROL bearing to be available in plain (cylindrical), V-groove, and flanged O.D. in both stud and yoke styles. Small sizes (<3” OD or point diameter) use sealed ball bearing inserts. They also use a NYLAPLATE® seal for additional protection. Stud type configurations utilize a metal end plug seal on the roller face providing a long lasting seal. Both bearing types provide a large internal grease reservoir along with special sealing. This makes TRAKROL bearings an excellent choice where reduced maintenance is required.


Features & Benefits:


  • Precision Ball or Tapered Roller Bearing inserts allow for combination radial and thrust loads
  • Manufactured from bearing quality steel
  • A heavy-sectioned outer race design to help withstand shock loading of cam follower operation
  • A ductile stem on stud type versions that provides toughness
  • Black oxide finish on all external surfaces helps inhibit corrosion
  • Ball and Tapered Roller Bearings have rubber lip contact seal. Additional NYLAPLATE seal present on 1 ½" to 2 ¾" stud type versions. End plug present at outboard side of stud type versions to help keep contaminants out and lubrication in
  • The threads are manufactured to a class 2 tolerances
  • Bearings are supplied pre-lubricated and maintenance free
  • Standard sizes and custom designs available upon request




  • 1 ½ “ to 8” diameters
  • Cylindrical, V-Groove or Flanged OD
  • Custom designs
  • Hex Socket hole
  • Standard stud, Eccentric stud and Yoke roller
  • Custom lubricants


Additional Data


   Product Series Material/finish  Size Range 
 Special Duty  SDCF  Black Oxide Finish Bearing Steel  1-4 (inch)
 SDMCF  25-100(metric)
 TRAKROL  PCF  1 1/2-9 (inch)
 PCYR  3-6 (inch)
 FCF  1 1/2-9 (inch)
 FCYR  3-6 (inch)
 VCF  2 1/2- 8 1/2 (inch)
 VCYR  3 1/2- 7 1/2 (inch)



Design Characteristics


 Radial Load Thrust Load   Precision High Speed   Relative Base Cost
 Good  Not Recommended  Very Good  Good  $$$
 Good  Not Recommended  Very Good  Good  $$$
 Good  Good  Fair  Good  $$
 Fair  Good  Fair  Good  $$
 Fair  Good  Fair  Good  $$$
 Fair  Good  Fair  Good  $$
 Fair  Good  Fair  Good  $$
 Fair  Good  Fair  Good  $$




 Crowned OD  Eccentric Stud  Lubrication Hole  Seal  Hex Hole Slotted Face  Jam Nuts 
 Optional  Optional  -  Standard  Standard  -  Standard
 Optional  Optional  -  Standard  Standard  -  Standard
 Optional  Optional  -  Standard  -  -  Optional
 Optional  -  -  Standard  Standard  -  -
 -  Optional  -  Standard  Standard  -  Optional
 -  -  -  Standard  -  -  -
 -  Optional  -  Standard  Standard  -  Optional
 -  -  -  Standard  -  -  -


  • Circular track/misalignment
  • Load Sharing/ Adjustment to Track
  • Relubrication and Promote Bearing Life
  • Contamination Barrier
  • Blind Hole Mounting
  • Allows the use of a lube fitting when lubrication from the flange side of bearing
  • Accessories included