UlteMAX® Motor
Marathon Motors Ultemax Primary



  • Axial Permanent Magnet Motor
  • Configurable sizes from 3-15 HP (2,2 - 11 kW)
  • Speed 300-4200 RPM
  • Integrated VFD with built-in intelligence
  • At least 1/2 the weight of traditional induction motor
  • Compact profile (4.5" or 11.43 cm thick)
  • Orientation - horizontal or vertical
  • High power density
  • Wire to air efficiency well over 60%


  • Big Footprint reduction of at least 50%*
  • Reduction in overall system package and weight*
  • Reduction in inventory space and SKUs*
  • Pre-programmed and tested controls
  • Customizable
  • High efficiency over wide speed range
Marathon Motors Ultemax Secondary 2
Marathon Motors Ultemax Secondary 1
Marathon Motors Ultemax Secondary 3

UlteMAX® motor is the new game-changing addition to the Marathon® Motors family.

Its hidden axial design and custom control offer an overall footprint reduction of at least 50%* while maximizing output over a wide range of speed for air handling and ventilation applications. 


* When compared to a traditional radial induction motor of 125lbs or more and 18 inches in length. 

How to Mount an Impeller to an UlteMAX® motor

Mounting the UlteMAX Motor’s “shaft-less” design to your wheel or impeller.

How to Wire and Run an UlteMAX® motor

Easy steps to “plug and play” your UlteMAX motor.

Modbus Connection For UlteMAX Motor

Learn how to setup your Modbus poll connection on the UlteMAX motor.