SyMAX®-i Motor



  • Power Rating: 3.7HP at 133 in/lbs of torque 
  • Voltage: 230VAC or 460VAC 50/60HZ
  • IntelliDrive embedded control to optimize motor performance
  • 85% plus system efficiency levels (Motor & Drive)
  • I/O options: 0-10VDC, 10-0VDC, 4-20mA, up to 9 discrete speeds 


  • High torque output for the most demanding applications
  • Wide voltage/frequency range meets global requirements
  • Integrated motor/drive with built-in intelligence and protection algorithms, plug and play feature set 
  • Greater energy savings and reduced operating costs than conventional motor drive combinations
  • Communication options allow for EMS interface

The Marathon® brand has a developed reputation for conservative motor designs and highly engineered products used in a vast array of commercial and industrial applications around the world. 

Today, we build on our legacy of innovative and efficient motor designs by the joining of magnetics and motors into a single leading technology. This allows for unparalleled power densities, unprecedented performance, and unmatched efficiencies.   

Our SyMAX® PMAC radial flux motor allows you to imagine and implement possibilities that no conventional induction motor or competing variable speed technology could provide in air moving applications. 

The SyMAX®-i motor with intelliDrive technology has integrated the motor and controls into a single housing to allow for higher power density in a smaller size/lighter weight frame package.  
The patented anti-cogging technology delivers constant torque across the speed range.  


The SyMAX®-i motor is designed to operate continuously in a 60°C ambient and provides for quiet operation. The built-in passive power factor correction (85-89%@FL) circuitry reduces voltage drop thus saving money.