We have a reputation for building “Mission Critical” motors for some of the toughest industries in the world. For over 30 years we have been building NEMA Premium® energy efficient motors. Today, we offer motors and integrated motor/control solutions with IE4 and higher efficiencies.    

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This feature allows you to browse any Marathon motor in our product catalog by attribute and value to help find the motor that is right for your application. Once your product has been identified, you can click through to the detailed product catalog page and access high-resolution photography, data-sheets, outline drawings, connection diagrams, certifications, performance curves, 2D CAD, 3D CAD and product manuals.

Black Max<sup>®</sup> Inverter Duty Motor

Black Max® Inverter Duty motors are use in high performance applications requiring high repeatability, a light weight enclosure and the additions of encoders and brakes.

Blue Chip Series<sup>®</sup> XRI<sup>®</sup> - 841 Motor

Blue Chip Series® XRI® - 841 severe duty motors meet the IEEE841 standard. They are designed for the oil, gas, chemical industries along with applications that require “Mission Critical” performance.

Blue Chip Series<sup>®</sup> XRI<sup>®</sup> - Crusher Duty Motor

The Blue Chip Series® XRI® - Crusher Duty motor is built tough for the toughest environments and applications in the aggregate, mining, and cement industries.

Blue Chip Series<sup>®</sup> XRI<sup>®</sup> - Hazardous Duty<sup>®</sup> Motor

Our Blue Chip Series® XRI®- Hazardous Duty® motor is designed for “Mission Critical” applications in oil, gas & chemical industries along with the mining and grain industries.

Blue Chip Series<sup>&reg;</sup> XRI<sup>&reg;</sup> - Medium Voltage Motor

Blue Chip Series® XRI® - Medium Voltage motors incorporate Open, WPI, WPII, TEFC, TEWAC and TEACC enclosures for pumping, compressors, fans & blowers as well as industrial machinery.

Blue Chip Series<sup>®</sup> XRI<sup>®</sup> - Severe Duty<sup>®</sup> Motor

Blue Chip Series® XRI® - Severe Duty® motors offer high efficiencies, 100% cast iron construction, MAX GUARD® insulation system, superior corrosion resistance for the process industries.

Blue Chip Series<sup>®</sup> XRI<sup>®</sup> Motor

Blue Chip Series® XRI® motors are used in commercial and industrial applications where IE3 efficiencies and cast iron construction are required.

Blue Max<sup>®</sup> Inverter Duty Motor

Blue MAX® Inverter Duty motors are designed for inverter and vector applications where severe duty features are married to a 2000:1 speed range offering outstanding performance.

Globetrotter<sup>&reg;</sup> Totally Enclosed Motors

Our complete line of Globetrotter® general purpose motors are built for tough applications. These motors are designed for industrial applications most commonly found in processing plants such as conveyors, pumps, gear reducers and air moving.

microMAX™ Inverter Duty Motor

Our microMAX™ Inverter Duty motor is ideal for conveyors, pumps, air moving and industrial machinery where high performance and a wide speed range is required.

microMAX™ Plus Inverter Duty Motor

microMAX™ Plus Inverter Duty motors are designed for use when brakes and encoders are required for industrial machinery, material handling and crane applications.

NovaMAX<sup>&reg;</sup> EC Permanent Magnet Motor

NovaMAX® EC permanent magnet motors offer substantially superior energy efficiency over a broad operating range and are ideal for pumps, fans, compressors and commercial HVAC.

PowerWash™ Motor

The PowerWash™ Wash Down duty motors are built in white epoxy and stainless steel for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries where performance and long life is required.

SyMAX<sup>&reg;</sup> Motor

Our SyMAX® PMAC radial flux motors are designed for pump, fan, compressor and industrial machinery applications where IE4 efficiencies are required.

SyMAX<sup>&reg;</sup>-i Motor

SyMAX®-i PMAC radial flux integrated motors are the perfect choice for axial fan applications where a small profile, light weight design and IE4 efficiencies are required.

TerraMAX<sup>&reg</sup> TCA Series General Purpose Motors – IE3 Efficiency

TCA series motors, built on the global low voltage TerraMAX platform, are IE3 efficiency totally enclosed fan cooled motors suitable for general industry applications. The TCA series motors inherit the premium features of futuristic TerraMAX motor platform, while delivering energy savings for the industry. The rugged construction of the TCA series motors meets the industry requirement for all tough and demanding applications

TerraMax<sup>&reg;</sup> Motors

TerraMAX® is the global IEC low voltage motor platform, which has been engineered to deliver best in class performance, efficiency and product reliability with its premium features suited to meet toughest applications in the industry.

TerraMAX<sup>&reg;</sup> QCA Series General Purpose Motors – IE4 Efficiency

The TerraMAX® QCA series motors are IE4 efficient totally enclosed fan cooled cast-iron motors built on the TerraMAX low voltage platform. QCA Series motors possess premium features for general industry purpose complying to market standards on motor performance and dimensions. It has robust construction with careful design, accurate machining which endeavors great variety of industry application offering merit efficiency in the market.

TerraMAX<sup>&reg;</sup> SCA Series General Purpose Motors – IE2 Efficiency

TerraMAX® SCA Series motors are IE2 Efficient Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled Cast Iron motors built on the TerraMAX Low Voltage platform. SCA Series motors inherit premium features of the futuristic TerraMAX motor platform family. The rugged construction of SCA motors endeavors to meet all the general industry requirement for every tough and demanding applications.