We have a reputation for building “Mission Critical” motors for some of the toughest industries in the world. For over 30 years we have been building NEMA Premium® energy efficient motors. Today, we offer motors and integrated motor/control solutions with IE4 and higher efficiencies.    

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This feature allows you to search for any Marathon® motor in our product catalog by motor attribute type and value to help find the motor that is right for your application. It incorporates the following: high-resolution photography pdf. data-sheets, outline drawings, connection diagrams, certifications, performance curves, 2D CAD, 3D CAD and product manuals. 

Black Max® Inverter Duty Motor

Black Max® Inverter Duty motors are use in high performance applications requiring high repeatability, a light weight enclosure and the additions of encoders and brakes.

Blue Chip Series® XRI® - 841 Motor

Blue Chip Series® XRI® - 841 severe duty motors meet the IEEE841 standard. They are designed for the oil, gas, chemical industries along with applications that require “Mission Critical” performance.

Blue Chip Series® XRI® - Crusher Duty Motor

The Blue Chip Series® XRI® - Crusher Duty motor is built tough for the toughest environments and applications in the aggregate, mining, and cement industries.

Blue Chip Series® XRI® - Hazardous Duty® Motor

Our Blue Chip Series® XRI® - Hazardous Duty® motor is designed for “Mission Critical” applications in oil, gas & chemical industries along with the mining and grain industries.

Blue Chip Series<sup>&reg;</sup> XRI<sup>&reg;</sup> - Medium Voltage Motor

Blue Chip Series® XRI® - Medium Voltage motors incorporate Open, WPI, WPII, TEFC, TEWAC and TEACC enclosures for pumping, compressors, fans & blowers as well as industrial machinery.

Blue Chip Series® XRI® - Severe Duty Motor

Blue Chip Series® XRI® - Severe Duty motors offer high efficiencies, 100% cast iron construction, MAX GUARD® insulation system, superior corrosion resistance for the process industries.

Blue Chip Series® XRI® Motor

Blue Chip Series® XRI® motors are used in commercial and industrial applications where IE3 efficiencies and cast iron construction are required.

Blue Max® Inverter Duty Motor

Blue MAX® Inverter Duty motors are designed for inverter and vector applications where severe duty features are married to a 2000:1 speed range offering outstanding performance.

Globetrotter<sup>&reg;</sup> Totally Enclosed Motors

Our Globetrotter® motors is designed for air moving, commercial HVAC, pumping, and general duty applications in a myriad of industries offering NEMA Premium® performance.

microMAX™ Inverter Duty Motor

Our microMAX™ Inverter Duty motor is ideal for conveyors, pumps, air moving and industrial machinery where high performance and a wide speed range is required.

microMAX™ Plus Inverter Duty Motor

microMAX™ Plus Inverter Duty motors are designed for use when brakes and encoders are required for industrial machinery, material handling and crane applications.

NovaMAX<sup>&reg;</sup> EC Permanent Magnet Motor

NovaMAX® EC permanent magnet motors offer substantially superior energy efficiency over a broad operating range and are ideal for pumps, fans, compressors and commercial HVAC.

PowerWash™ Motor

The PowerWash™ Wash Down duty motors are built in white epoxy and stainless steel for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries where performance and long life is required.

SyMAX<sup>&reg;</sup> Motor

Our SyMAX® PMAC radial flux motors are designed for pump, fan, compressor and industrial machinery applications where IE4 efficiencies are required.

SyMAX<sup>&reg;</sup>-i Motor

SyMAX®-i PMAC radial flux integrated motors are the perfect choice for axial fan applications where a small profile, light weight design and IE4 efficiencies are required.

TerraMAX<sup>&reg</sup> TCA Series General Purpose Motors – IE3 Efficiency

The TerraMAX® is designed for the global market offering a wide array of voltages and frequencies and meeting the international standards of IEC motors.

UlteMAX<sup>&reg;</sup> Motor

UlteMAX® PMAC axial flux integrated motors offer IE4 efficiencies in a small, lightweight package, a plug and play feature set that is a game changer for the air moving industry.