White DuckMotor
White Duck


  • USDA-approved white epoxy finish
  • Four condensation drains in each end shield
  • Moisture-resistant shaft system
  • Buna-N gaskets and Viton® shaft seals on both ends of TEFC designs
  • Moisture-resistant interior coating inhibits corrosion
  • Meets IP55 enclosure protection
  • Single-phase motors feature an electronic solid-state switch
  • NEMA® Premium—140 Frame and higher
  • Inverter-rated IRIS® insulation system—1HP and higher


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  • Durable, USDA-approved white epoxy finish for superior protection and resistance to caustic cleaning solutions.
  • Drains for all mounting orientations purges condensate/water which may enter motor.
  • Moisture-resistant shaft system includes 303 stainless-steel shaft and lubricated, spring-loaded contact seals.
  • Windings are immersed and cured in polyester insulating compound for moisture and corrosion protection.
  • Encapsulated starting switch resists moisture, shock, and vibration for worry-free starting in high-vibration installations. (Single-Phase Washguard® motors)
  • The exclusive IRIS® Inverter-rated insulation system provides extra protection and long life, especially in inverter-driven applications
White Duck
White Duck
White Duck

The White Duck™ motors are suited for an occasional wash down application in conveying, bottling, food packaging, pumping, and fan applications where batch or process requirements demand reliable performance.

Single and three phase, epoxy coated, rigid base, C Face footed and footless, jet pump, brake motors, and AC/DC gearmotors are available for applications in wet, humid, or washdown environments.

One-year warranty.

Three-year warranty on Premium Efficient designs.

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