WATTSaver® Motor
WATTsaver e


  • Normally closed thermostats
  • Inverter-rated IRIS®insulation system
  • Chemical resistant paint
  • Cast iron conduit box
  • 10:1 constant torque operation
  • Optional cast iron fan guard for severe duty applications
  • NEMA® Premium efficiencies

  • UL  CSA  NEMA Premium  IRIS


  • Thermostats protect motor from overheating and for use with VFD
  • The exclusive IRIS® Inverter-rated insulation system reduces voltage spikes when used with an inverter
  • Chemical resistant enamel paint for a longer life
  • Premium efficiencies help lower utility costs

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WATTsaver e
WATTsaver e
WATTsaver e

WATTsaver® motors were designed for general duty applications in air moving, pumping, and general commercial and industrial equipment where variable speed, premium efficiency, and reliability are required.

Three phase, rigid base, C Face footed and footless, ODP and TEFC, rolled steel and cast iron AC designs are available for applications

3-year warranty

WATTsaver e