Extreme Duck® Ultra Motor



  • IP69 certified enclosure protection
  • Q-Car rotor cartridge
  • Vacuum assisted internal epoxy encapsulation
  • Full body epoxy encapsulation
  • Enhanced shaft seal technology to handle installation in any orientation
  • 360° rotatable conduit box
  • Color-coded, non-wicking motor leads
  • 300-Series Stainless Steel used on all exterior surfaces
  • Inverter-rated IRIS® insulation system — AC designs 1HP and higher
  • 10:1 constant torque operation
  • Shaft grounding rings (SGR) designs available – ½ -2HP
  • BISSC Certified, UL, CSA listed, CE



  • The Extreme Duck® Ultra motor stands up to high-pressure and high-temperature washdowns at close range thus achieving the IP69 rating, the highest certification available for protection against solids and liquids.. (File #E185163, UL file #IEC60529).
  • Easily removed Q-Car rotor cartridge allows for quick and easy access to the motor’s rotor assembly. The Q-Car rotor cartridge replacement kit makes replacing worn bearings ultra-simple. No special tools, no damaged seals. The kit ensures a perfectly fitted and watertight bearing with no additional machining required in only a matter of minutes.
  • Patented vacuum epoxy encapsulation system ensures liquids won’t penetrate the motor. Pressure testing guarantees liquids don’t enter the motor, increasing motor life and reducing plant downtime
  • Full body encapsulation – including both endbells – reduces air pockets were condensation can occur. Points of entry for contaminants are minimized allowing for drain plugs and breathers to be eliminated.
  • Two-piece shaft seal technology provides three points of protection on both ends of the motor. This proprietary shaft seal underwent a year of testing — 8,760 hours – to ensure what’s outside, stays out.
  • 360° rotatable O-ring sealed conduit box simplifies installation. The full box rotation allows for convenient wire entry and protects the non-wicking, chemical- and abrasion-resistant colored leads.
  • Numbered leaded wires enable easier readability and identification to reduce installation time and costs.
  • 300-Series Stainless Steel used on all exterior surfaces gives ideal protection against severe chemical-processing applications and frequent washdown processes using salt water, nitric acids, and solvents.
  • Regal’s exclusive IRIS Inverter-Rated insulation system provides extra protection and long life, especially in inverter-driven applications

Extreme Duck Ultra

The Extreme Duck Ultra motor features a revolutionary design that is completely impenetrable to liquids and dust in any mounting position built to withstand extreme washdown and sanitation requirements of the food processing, pharmaceutical, packing and beverage industries.


The Extreme Duck Ultra motor won a 2016 Engineers’ Choice Award, sponsored by Control Engineering, and a Plant Engineering 2015 Product of the Year award. The motor was recognized in the motion – motors and electric motors and drives categories, respectively.

Extreme Duck Ultra Exploded


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