FAST'S® Gear Couplings

Fasts Gear Couplings



The all-metal end ring, used exclusively in FAST'S® couplings, eliminates the need for any type of perishable lube seal. The end ring not only provides an escape route for lubricant, but it also pilots the sleeve during start-up and shut-down operations. It further eliminates partial tooth disengagement with resulting tooth overloads by providing sleeve teeth. The sleeve teeth are flush against the inside wall of the end ring.

It is the only coupling designed to use oil lubrication. To be sure that your couplings provide Maximum Life, always specify FAST'S couplings, with the all-metal end ring.




  • Exposed bolt and shrouded bolt configurations.
  • Largest lubricant reservoir, up to a 3 to 1 larger lubricant reservoir than other couplings.
  • Metallic end ring lubricant seal - labyrinth seal.
  • End ring not only provides a dam, but also pilots the sleeve.
  • Size range of all-metal end ring: 1.5-30.
  • Maximum bore range of all-metal end ring: 0.50"-36" diameter.
  • Oil or grease lubricant (exclusive design).
  • No clearance between sleeve teeth and end ring seal.
  • Straight faced involute teeth.
  • Highly engineered coupling - "the industry standard".
  • Close fitting, tight tolerance flange bolts, and bolt holes.
  • Misalignment capability up to ½◦.
  • Interchangeable half for half with Series H, WALDRON® coupling and other competitive couplings.


Features & Benefits:


  • Lubrication less frequently required.
  • Minimized downtime due to failure to lubricate.
  • No soft seals to fail or replace.
  • Lubricant level maintained above the gear teeth.
  • Less wear or rusted teeth.
  • Fewer hubs to be pulled and replaced.
  • Fewer shafts to be galled by hub removal.
  • Competitively priced.
  • Available in distributor and warehouse stocks worldwide.
  • Lubrication dictated by and tailored to application.
  • Less concentration of tooth loading.
  • Less premature tooth wear.


Fasts Gear Couplings
Fasts Gear Couplings


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