<div data-ccp-timestamp="1559632692127" ccp_infra_user_hash="1729907037" ccp_infra_timestamp="1559632692127" ccp_infra_version="2"> <div data-ccp-timestamp="1559632692127" ccp_infra_user_hash="1729907037" ccp_infra_timestamp="1559632692127" ccp_infra_version="2">Kop-Flex<sup>&reg;</sup> couplings offer one of the widest arrays of coupling families in the industry, including disc, gear, grid and elastomeric couplings as well universal joints. Kop-Flex<sup>&reg;</sup> couplings are industry leaders in engineered to order disc and gear couplings and spindles for turbo machinery, metals, pulp and paper and other applications with exacting requirements.</div> </div>

Coupling Re-certification Service

Kop-Flex® coupling re-certification resets the damage accumulation the coupling has endured while operating under severe loading conditions through the replacement of the flexible elements, in the case of disc couplings and hardware.

FAST'S<sup>&reg;</sup> Gear Couplings

The FAST'S® coupling design, with its lifetime all-metal end ring, provides up to 300% greater lubricant capacity. This means that longer periods between relubrication may be scheduled.

Kop-Grid<sup>&reg;</sup> Couplings

Building on our foundation of reliability, safety and exceptional performance, the Kop-Flex® High Performance Disc Coupling 2.0 was created for your highly-engineered equipment.

KD<sup>&reg;</sup> Disc Couplings

KD flexible shaft couplings provide reliable transmission of mechanical power. This can be applied where a low maintenance, non-lubricated coupling is required.

KD2<sup>&reg;</sup>-KD20-KD21-KD22 Couplings

Non stock spacer couplings primarily used for applications with extended shaft separations.

MAX-C<sup>&reg;</sup> Coupling

The resilient Max-C® coupling is a non-lubricated flexible coupling. It is designed to transmit torque via rubber or urethane element under compression, with dampening or cushion.

Maxxus<sup>&reg;</sup> U-JOINTS

The Maxxus® Universal Joint is a technically advanced universal driveshaft designed for the toughest applications in the metals industry.

Torque Monitoring Systems

The digital Powerlign® coupling is a reliable and accurate torquemeter that replaces the proven, analog Powerlign® system that has served the market in the past.

Waldron<sup>&reg;</sup> Gear Couplings

The Waldron® Gear Coupling has been designed with full length tooth engagement. This results in longer life and improved performance.

Waverly<sup>&reg;</sup> Torque Lube-A Grease

The Waverly® Torque Lube-A Grease was developed to solve the special lubrication problems of relatively low speed, highly loaded gear spindle couplings used extensively in metal rolling mills.