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LAMIDISC® Couplings



  • No need for lubrication and maintenance.
  • No need to disassemble the coupling to inspect. Additionally, the condition of the discs can be checked while the machine is running, using a strobe light.
  • The machine misalignment can be assessed.
  • Torsional rigid without any backlash.
  • No wearing parts, high resistance to harsh environmental conditions.


The design and manufacture of LAMIDISC® couplings are integrated into a certified Quality System according to DIN ISO 9001.

This fulfills the high-quality demands on LAMIDISC couplings. LAMIDISC couplings are offered in a variety of configurations to fit most applications.

Additionally, our engineering department can customize a coupling to special requirements. These include close-coupled, drop-out, electrically insulated, vertical mounting, safety couplings, etc.

A notable design is our LAMIDISC CX (reduced moment) coupling. This design has the anti-flail device mandated by API 610. It also offers low weight and a short center of gravity to bearing distance. 

Jaure® couplings are designed and manufactured using the most recent Finite Element Analysis. This improves some disadvantages that disc couplings have. As a result of our ongoing development efforts, the LAMIDISC 6-bolt couplings can continuously operate at 1,50 angular misalignment without losing any torque capability


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LAMIDISC couplings discs are made of high-grade stainless steel (AISI-301). This ensures high strength and high endurance to fatigue. It also ensures resistance to most environmental conditions. Furthermore, discs can be covered with a low friction coefficient coating to improve the resistance to fretting wear.

LAMIDISC couplings utilize unitized disc packs with 6, 8 and 10 bolts. More torque can be transmitted with a higher number of bolts. Conversely, few bolts are associated with a smaller misalignment.

The Jaure LAMIDISC couplings can be fitted with overload bushings which also serve as an anti-flail devices.


Additional Data


Larger sizes are available on demand.

  • Operating speed must be equal or less than permissible speed. Permissible speeds could be limited by weight and critical speeds of spacers.
  • Max. rotation speeds considered  in special mat. and/or  execution. For higher rotation speeds, please consult Regal®.
  • The maximum bores shown are for cylindrical or taper shafts with keys. For other type of connections consult Regal®.
  • Dimensions DBSE is the distance between shaft ends and is a variable parameter.
  • Value of complete coupling with DBSE min., d1 and d2 max., GD2=4J.
  • The value of axial misalignment is given for a complete 2 disk pack. Angular misalignment is given per pack. 
  • Overload bushings (SRX) are available on demand.