Jaure® GS Gear Spindles

Jaure GS Spindle


A gear coupling is one of the simplest and most common types in use today. It is also one of the most difficult to design and evaluate due to the number of variables. These can include tooth design, material, and lubrication, all of which can affect its successful operation.

One of the more common applications for gear spindles is for ferrous and non-ferrous rolling mills drives. This is where technology is applied to achieve a higher product quality with lower maintenance costs.

Modern rolling mills and revamping of old mills require new developments, such as:

• New machine design concepts
• Superior metallurgical practices
• Application of process control
• Automation

Consequently, mechanical components including gear spindles are becoming a critical component of the drive train. Jaure designs its gear spindles to ensure performance, operating efficiency and easier maintenance. This meets the demands of the most up-to-date mill equipment.

All the above advantages are implemented by continuous development of teeth profile, surface heat treatment, materials’ quality and seals.

Features & Benefits

Spindle gear couplings use fewer teeth than conventional gear couplings. This is due to features such as high-strength alloyed steels and nitriding or carburizing surface hardening. This allows them to transmit large torques at large misalignment. Each Jaure mill spindle is custom designed for a particular application.

Torque amplification factors (TAF) are also considered when designing the spindle. All the effort is done at design stage to decrease the stresses on the gear mesh. The gear tooth profile is specially designed to optimize the load capability for each single application.

There are high contact pressures and high sliding velocities between the teeth. In these cases, the lubricant used should consist of greases with a large amount of anti-wear additives. Special sealing system avoids overflow of lubricant and keeps contamination out of the grease chamber.

  • Special solutions designed according to customers specifications. Jaure’s engineering department cooperates closely with customer’s engineers.
  • Jaure gear spindles provide constant angular velocity at misalignment angles, which ensures even transmission of power. This results in uniform sizes and improved surface quality of rolled products.
  • The inherent dynamic balance features of Jaure gear type flexible spindles minimize vibration. This increases the operating life of bearings, gears, and other components of the drive train.
  • Jaure® spindles with fully crowned gear teeth offer operational benefits. For example, maximum load carrying capacity with minimum size, maximum reliability and long life.

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