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IXILFLEX® Couplings



  • High misalignment capability: absorb higher axial and radial misalignment than conventional flexible couplings, with very low restoring forces.
  • High torque capability.
  • Bidirectional coupling: the IXILFLEX® coupling can operate CW and CWW with no need to reverse it. Therefore, it is a trouble-free installation design.
  • Silent operation.
  • Torsional damping capability.
  • Electrically insulated.
  • Easy visual inspection and replacement of flexible elements.


The Jaure® IXILFLEX® couplings meet the requirements of classification societies and are on demand delivered with the official certificates. In addition to our R+D+I department validation procedures. IXILFLEX® couplings are analyzed by specific software which is based on FEA.

We can also offer collaboration with technology centers to provide an innovative engineered solution to meet our customers' needs.


The Jaure® IXILFLEX® flexible coupling was first introduced for usage in wind turbines. Inroads have been made into marine propulsion, industrial, railway and other specific applications like test benches. Thousands of IXILFLEX® couplings are successfully operating in various applications.


Additional Data


  • Larger sizes are available on demand.
  • Max. Torque TP may occur in transient operation during limited time(i.e start-up or shock-condition).
  • Max. Speed n could be limited by the weight and whirling speed of the spacer. For higher speeds, please contact Jaure .
  • Dimension DBSE is the distance between shaft ends and is a variable parameter.
  • Max. Axial misalignment per 2 joints. The indicated values are maximum ones on transient operation. For combined Axial and Angular misalignment, please refer to chart 2. For continuous or higher misalignment values, please contact Jaure .

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