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Jaure® branded couplings are considered a leader in the European marketplace. They are highly engineered for industries ranging from steel, paper, hoisting to windmills and marine applications.


The Jaure<sup>&reg;</sup>&nbsp;products are available in a wide array of disc, gear, grid, barrel, composite and rigid couplings for marine, metals, wind, cranes and hoists applications.

COMPOLINK<sup>&reg;</sup> Couplings

Jaure® COMPOLINK® couplings are the result of combining the best features found in steel disc and elastomeric couplings.

IXILFLEX<sup>&reg;</sup> Couplings

The IXILFLEX® coupling is a link type coupling which absorbs misalignment through bushes linked to alternate flanges. These bushes are produced through the vulcanization of rubber to metal parts under high precompression.

JAUFLEX<sup>&reg;</sup> Couplings

JAUFLEX® couplings use an elastomeric element that provides the required torsional flexibility for smooth torque transmission. With the proper selection of the element type and coupling size, all shocks or torsional vibration at the driven shaft can be avoided.

LAMIDISC<sup>&reg;</sup> Couplings

LAMIDISC® disc couplings are non-lubricated, torsional stiff disc pack couplings that compensate for axial, angular, and radial misalignment. They are an excellent choice for the aggregate, crane, marine, metals, and mining industries.

MT Couplings

The Jaure® MT gear coupling is a steel double-jointed coupling that accommodates the misalignment through sliding of the mating gears.

RECORD<sup>&trade;</sup> Couplings

This RECORD coupling is made up of two discs that get wider towards the coupling’s center with carved slots for the spring or the flexible element. The spring is maintained and protected by a metallic crankcase full of special grease.

TCB<sup>&reg;</sup> Couplings

The TCB® barrel coupling consists of a sleeve and a hub having the same tooth profiles. A series of hardened steel cylindrical barrels are inserted in the holes formed by this hub and sleeve toothing to act as power transmission elements.