<p>HUB CITY<sup>&reg;&nbsp;</sup>power transmission components make up one of the broadest standard product offerings in the industry.&nbsp;Products include bevel gear drives, parallel shaft drives, worm speed reducers and the revolutionary HERA<span style="font-size: 10px;"> </span>High-Efficiency Right Angle Gear Drives.</p>

CleanLine<sup>&trade;</sup> Gear Drives & Washdown Products

The Hub City® Cleanline Gear Drives & Washdown Products include stainless steel or acrylic painted gear drives. Four levels of wash down protection make up the product offering.

High Efficiency Right Angle HERA<sup>&reg;</sup> Gear Drive

One size can replace up to 4 sizes of worm gear drives! Four Models of HERA® drives can replace 10 sizes of worm gear drives! 90% efficiency & Up to 2X more torque in a No-hassle worm gear drive replacement!

HUBLOC<sup>&reg;</sup> Keyless Bushing System

The HubLoc® bushing system creates a keyless, backlash-free mechanical interference fit that eliminates the micro-movement that causes fretting and cold welding. It is a self-centering design that achieves optimum concentricity and eliminates oscillation in shaft mounted applications

PowerCubeX<sup>®</sup> Gear Boxes

PowerCubeX® worm speed reducers are available sizes from 1.33"" to 10"" center distance, and ratios from 5/1 thru 216,000/1  (single, double and triple reduction). Various input and output types and styles are available.

PowerTorque<sup>®</sup> Shaft Mount Reducers

PowerTorque® Shaft Mount Reducers are available in power ratings up to 200 HP and ratios from 9:1 through 25:1. Efficiency is 98.5%. Universal mounting dimensions assure maximum design flexibility. High Strength Ductile Iron Housings provide maximum durability. High Efficiency AGMA Class 11 helical gearing is case carburized and ground.

Spartan<sup>TM</sup> Aluminum Worm Gear Drives

Spartan Worm speed reducers are compact, rugged and lightweight alternatives for design flexibility. Up to 2/3 lighter and 1/3 smaller than comparable cast iron units .