Evergreen® OM Motors



What if...

you could replace 16 PSC motors with just 1 ECM motor?


The Evergreen® outdoor condenser fan motor, also known as Evergreen® OM motor, is an electronically commutated motor (ECM) designed to replace induction motors (shaded pole or PSC) in outdoor fan applications in HVAC systems.

The Evergreen OM motor is now available with remote mount control - model # 6303R:

  • All angle mount
  • Lower profile
  • Remote mount control
  • Identical ratings to model 6303
  • OEM mounting holes on side of motor shell and end shield



  • One motor covers many applications
  • 1/3 - 1/10 HP
  • 208-230 VAC
  • NEMA® 48-frame
  • CCW and CW rotation
  • 850 / 1100 RPM
  • UL® and CSA recognized component




  • Two-year warranty*
  • Reduce truck stock and get the job done
  • Complete calls same day including after hours calls
  • Connects directly to existing controls
  • 60⁰C Ambient rating
  • Energy savings
  • Quiet start and operation


*This warranty shall expire twenty-four (24) months from first use of the Product or thirty (30) months from date of shipment of the Product, whichever occurs first. Except as stated here, Regal standard limited warranty applies. See Terms and Conditions of Sale.







6301 1/5 - 1/10 208-230 2.8 850/1100 2 .5" x 3" (2.5" SF) 8.49" 5.45"
6303 1/5 - 1/10 208-230 3.5 850/1100 2 .5" x 3" (2.5" SF) 8.99" 5.95"
 6303R  1/3 - 1/10  208-230  3.5 850/1100 2 .5" x 5.5" (5" SF) 9.79"  4.23"^ 

^ This dimension represents the motor length from end shield to end shield excluding control.




The Evergreen OM motor is designed for use in the following types of HVAC systems:

  • Permanent split capacitor (PSC) outdoor condenser fan motor replacement
  • Direct-drive fan propellers (axial fan blades)
  • Air conditioning (A/C) or heat pump systems (including split or package systems)




  • Encapsulated electronics
  • Electronic overload protection
  • 6kV surge protection




Genteq Mounting Kit


Catalog #2098A: Used in place of mounting cables of OEM outdoor fan motor applications. Kit includes mounting hardware and assembly instructions.


Dealer Toolbelt App


Download the Dealer Toolbelt app and gain access to technical literature, training videos, and ECM cross reference.

The app is available on both Apple Store® and Google Play.


HVAC motor replacement options by type and application

A/C & Heat Pump Units (Includes Package Systems) Induction Motors (Shaded Pole or PSC) built with one or two run capacitor wires. Evergreen® OM Motors
  Constant Speed ECM Motors
(Genteq® motor models 142 & 142R)
Constant Speed ECM outdoor fan motors must be replaced with an OEM part from the manufacturer of the HVAC system they were removed from.


The following are believed to be the trademarks and/or trade names of their respective owners and are not owned or controlled by Regal Beloit Corporation. UL: UL LLC; CSA: CSA Group; NEMA: National Electrical Manufactures Association;

Apple Store: Apple Inc.; Google Play: Google LLC.


ECM Made Easy

With just 3 Evergreen® motors contractors can replace up to 32 of the most common HVAC ratings for indoor blower motors and outdoor fan motors. The versatility and simplicity of Evergreen motors makes it easy to reduce truck stock and get the job done. That’s ECM Made Easy

ECM Made Easy - Better for You - Better for Your Customers

With just 3 Genteq® Evergreen® motors on the truck contractors can replace up to 32 of the most common HVAC ratings for indoor blower motors and outdoor fan motors. With the right motor on the truck you save time and get the job done. Your customers benefit from same day completion and energy savings.

Genteq® Evergreen® OM Motors Make ECM Easy

With just 1 Evergreen® OM motor contractors can replace up to 16 common HVAC ratings for outdoor fan motor applications. The versatility and simplicity of the Evergreen OM motor makes it easy to reduce truck stock and get the job done. That’s ECM Made Easy!

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