Product Overview & Capabilities

Regal offers integrated solutions of hermetic motors, variable frequency drives and soft starters for commercial compressors and chiller applications. The comprehensive and precision Genteq® brand cover a range of applications from commercial air conditioning, commercial refrigeration and commercial heat pump compressors.

Material is selected and tested to work in all refrigerant types with the typical compressor technologies such as reciprocating, scroll, screw and centrifugal.  In addition, Regal provides variable frequency drives, starters, stator and rotor kits including sub-assemblies with stator shells and rotors with shafts. These solutions can also be applied to air and gas compression systems, commercial and industrial water pumps, oil circulation pumps and a host of other pumping or compression requirements.

Regal is a well-equipped manufacturer, with global R&D and test centers that deliver powerful service and quick response to meet customers’ demand.

Regal Solutions for Air Cooled Chillers

Regal Solutions for Water Cooled Chillers