Centurion® PRO Motor



  • Premium sealed 203 bearings both ends
  • Open and accessible terminal board & wiring compartment
  • New Triple Seal protection on pump-end bearing
  • Voltage change device
  • Definitive shaft access (7/16” wrench)
  • Auto protector
  • UL 1081 design
  • 60 Hz
  • 50°C ambient
  • Rotation: CCW pump end
  • 303 stainless steel threaded shaft
  • Open dripproof


  • Durable and easy to install, no other replacement pump motor comes close to a superbly crafted Centurion® PRO pool and spa motor. The new Triple Seal protection feature is designed into the pump end of the motor to protect the bearings from water, pests and debris, extending the life of the motor.

Triple Seal Protection

Triple Seal protection was developed and patented by Regal's innovative engineering staff to combat premature motor failures associated with pump end bearing failures due to water ingress. Triple seal protection is a robust design that protects the pump end bearing on both the outboard and inboard facing seal of the bearing using three distinct sealing systems (See image below). While triple seal protection is designed to protect the pump end bearing from general water ingress, dust and debris, it is not designed to protect against leaky pump seals, constant spray from irrigation systems, or other extraneous conditions. Triple seal protection is another line of defense from moisture intrusion into the pump end bearing system.

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