HeatMaster® Motors



  • 70°C (158˚F) max ambient
  • UL / CSA approved Class F Insulation
  • Energy-efficient permanent split capacitor (PSC) design
  • Water-resistant reversing plug
  • Double sealed anti-friction ball bearings or dependable high-performance all-angle sleeve bearings
  • 60 Hertz


  • The HeatMaster® motor is a 48‐frame, PSC, totally enclosed, condenser fan replacement motor suitable for all major brands of HVAC equipment. The ultra-high-torque designs mean that the HeatMaster® motor works in even the toughest applications.

Designed and Engineered for HVAC/R Condenser Fan Applications

The HeatMaster® motor has been designed for the most difficult applications in extreme environments. If you’ve been experiencing thermal overload trips, or problems from over or under voltage conditions, the HeatMaster® motor may be the answer.

  • 70°C (158˚F) Max Ambient: UL and CSA rated for 70°C (158˚F) max ambient temperatures
  • Class F Insulation: UL and CSA recognized, non-hygroscopic Class F insulation system achieves superior dielectric strength for long thermal life
  • Extended Warranty Period: The earliest to occur of 3 years warranty from date of manufacture date code or 2 years from the date of installation
  • High Temperature: automatic overload protectors reduce nuisance trip outs
  • Windings: 100% copper windings and optimum winding design minimizes losses – resulting in higher efficiencies, increased motor life and lower operating cost
  • Bearings: double sealed anti-friction ball bearings or dependable high-performance all-angle sleeve bearings for long reliable life
  • Bearing Protection: large high-temperature nylon glass-filled shaft slinger keeps water and dirt out of the motor bearings
  • Higher Torque Curve: ultra-high-torque designs handle even the heaviest loads
  • Wiring Diagram on Leads: additional wiring diagram on the neutral lead, since wiring diagram on nameplate may be covered after installation
  • Water Slinger: larger water slinger on the shaft; standard on HeatMaster motors
  • Versatility: 4-in-1® motor designs available, 825 (8 pole) or 1075 (6 pole) RPM designs
  • Installation: easy-to-install package, all hardware included

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