4-in-1® Motors



  • UL/CSA approved Class B or Class F insulation
  • Energy-efficient PSC design
  • Double-sealed ball bearings or all-angle sleeve bearings
  • Lead length 36" to 48"
  • Continuous duty, air-over
  • 60°C, 70°C, or 80°C maximum ambient temperature
  • Reversing connector or water-resistant reversing plug
  • Mounts by belly band, thru-bolts or OEM mounting holes
  • Fully enclosed


  • ONE SIMPLE CONNECTION: 4-in-1® motors replace hundreds of the most popular residential and commercial condenser fan motors. Each motor is designed to replace motors in each of four different horsepower ratings with just one simple line connection. No need to change capacitors or select different speed taps.

Built to be Your Truck Stock Motor

  • The line of 4-in-1® motors replaces hundreds of the most popular 48-frame condenser fan motors currently installed - with "one simple connection“
  • Versatile mounting options; multi-mounting capability; replaces multiple styles of OEM motors; all angle mount
    • OEM mounting holes; with screws supplied
    • Adjustable extended thru-bolts
    • Belly band
  • Simple three-wire connection (L1, L2, & Capacitor) similar to original motor
  • One motor replaces motors in each of 4 horsepower ratings with the same electrical connection (eliminates having to select various speeds or change capacitor sizes)

What is the Value of having the Part You Need on the Truck?

  • Reduce unnecessary trips to the distributor and long drive times to get a replacement
  • Eliminate temporary motor substitutions
  • Get the job done the same day with the right part
  • Reduce truck stocking costs
  • Get more jobs done in the same day

Built to Last

  • Available in 70°C design and select models available in 80°C design
  • Durable ball bearings or dependable all-angle sleeve bearings
  • Water resistant rubber grommet at lead opening
  • Water resistant reversing plug on 70°C and 80°C motors