It’s easy to take the air in a home or building for granted; that is, until something goes terribly wrong with your HVACR system.We believe that a good HVACR system, along with proper operation and maintenance, are the foundations of high quality indoor air and long lasting HVACR systems.

Simplify Your Truck<sup>&trade;</sup>

What if… You could replace 32 motors with 6? Simplify Your Truck with the universal replacement motors that simplify your life! These motors can help reduce on-truck inventory while at the same time provide the ability to complete more calls on the same day without driving to retrieve a part.

4-in-1<sup>&reg;</sup> Motors

4-in-1 motors replace hundreds of the most popular 48-frame residential and commercial condenser fan motors currently installed - with "one simple connection." Each motor is designed to replace four different horsepower ratings with just one simple line connection.

HeatMaster<sup>&reg;</sup> Motors

HeatMaster motors are 48-frame, PSC, totally enclosed motors designed and engineered for HVAC/R condenser fan applications. The high-torque designs mean that the HeatMaster motor works in even the toughest applications. UL and CSA approved Class F insulation for 70°C max ambient conditions.

HeatMaster<sup>&reg;</sup> Ultra Motors

HeatMaster Ultra motors are 48-frame, PSC, totally enclosed, condenser fan replacement motors suitable for all major brands of HVAC equipment. The motors are specially designed and constructed to handle the higher temperatures that can occur when PSC motors are applied with speed controls. UL and CSA approved Class F insulation for 80°C ambient conditions.

MasterFit Pro<sup>&reg;</sup> Motors

MasterFit Pro motors have enhanced features and include an all-purpose, multi-rating capacitor in every box. These 48-frame condenser fan and indoor blower motors replace multiple styles of OEM motors and are designed with multiple mounting options including belly band, resilient mount, thru-bolts or OEM mounts that use holes in the shell.

MultiFit<sup>&reg;</sup> Motors

MultiFit motors' combination of a Multi Mounting System feature and a 3-in-1 multi-horsepower motor design will save the busy HVAC contractor valuable time and money, while adding versatility to their replacement motor inventory. Why stock dozens of 42-frame condenser fan motors when six MultiFit motors are all you need?