JuggerNaut® Condenser Fan Motors



  • 70°C max ambient temperature
  • Inverter duty
  • Quick-connect design
  • Automatic reset thermal protector
  • Non-conductive grease bearing
  • Double sealed ball bearings
  • Shaft slinger
  • VCD Voltage Change Device
  • Class F insulation


  • 70°C ambient temperature for high temperature operating conditions.
  • Inverter duty wire for use with variable frequency drives.
  • Quick-connect design.
  • Automatic reset thermal protector protects against motor overload and automatically resets.
  • Non-conductive bearing grease to reduce conduction of bearing currents.
  • Double sealed ball bearings are pre-lubricated with a special formulation for moisture resistance and provides extra-long life.
  • Shaft slinger keeps water and dirt out of motor in vertical, shaft up installations.
  • VCD Voltage Change Device to quickly change voltage on the spot.
  • UL and CSA recognized Class F insulation for 70°C (158°F) max ambient conditions provides longer motor life.

JuggerNaut motors are well suited for use in commercial condenser fan applications where high operating temperatures are commonly found. These motors feature inverter duty wire and non-conductive grease bearing, which help reduce motor failure caused by the electrical current often found when used in conjunction with variable frequency drives (VFD). These motors must be mounted within the airflow of the fan for proper cooling.

Three phase, TEAO, ODP, OAO, footed and footless, AC designs are available.