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Sales: Thank you for your interest in Regal and its Century® electric motors. Regal does not sell electric motors directly to the general public. If you wish to buy an electric motor, your best alternative is to contact a local motor repair shop. These shops also are the principal outlet for motor parts, some of which are available for purchase.


Service: If you need repairs for the motor in your furnace, air conditioner, swimming pool pump, or spa, you will receive the most prompt service if you:

  • Contact the company that did the original installation
  • Contact a local service firm that handles the equipment, such as an HVAC service company, refrigeration company, or swimming pool and spa equipment and supplies dealer
  • Contact a local motor repair shop


All of these businesses are listed in your local Yellow Pages under a variety of sub-headings.


Products: Regal does not manufacture pumps, garage door openers, or air compressors. We do make motors that are components used to power these products. If you are having a non-motor related problem with your pump, garage door opener, or air compressor, for prompt service; we recommend contacting the manufacturer of the product.

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