TorqTaper® Plus Reducer
TorqTaper Plus


  • Design provides full-length bushing support of the drive
  • Accommodates a wide range of shaft diameters
  • Reduces installation and removal time
  • Key to key drive provides maximum torque and shock load capacity
  • Eliminates fretting corrosion and seizing problems
  • Reduces wobble and accommodates undersized shaft
TorqTaper Plus
TorqTaper Plus
TorqTaper Plus

The Browning®  TorqTaper®  Plus tapered bore system is a patented design that allows ease of installation and removal. The TorqTaper®  Plus bushing can be installed on either the inboard or outboard side of size 107 through 315 reducers. The system also utilizes a bronze stabilizer ring on the opposite end of the bushing. The stabilizer ring helps minimize fretting corrosion which makes removal of the reducer easier.


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