Torq Pro® Clutch

Torq Pro


  • Bore Range - 0.19" - 5.12"
  • Torque Range - 2.6 - 5,270 Lb-ft.
  • Precision-Tripping Torque - ±10%
  • Max RPM - 1200


  • Overload protection for machinery with increased accuracy.
  • One position type allows only one engagement position.
  • The accuracy of trip torque within ±10%, even with repeated tripping the precision remains within ±10%
  • The desired torque can be easily set and adjusted by tightening or loosening the adjusting nuts and bolts.
  • Visual torque meter and indicator can confirm the setting torque


The adjustable spring pressure transmits torque through a ball-in-detent arrangement. This is so that when the device is tripped, it automatically resets by rotating the driving member.


Torq Pro
Torq Pro
Torq Pro

The Browning®  Torq Pro® overload clutch is a release-type ball-detent style torque overload device with a single position reset configuration. After tripping, the unit automatically resets when it returns to the set position. This is usually performed by jogging the machine after the jam or overload is cleared. Inherent in the design is accuracy, reversibility, a torque setting scale and, a switch detector plate. An asymmetrical ball detent pocket pattern allows engagement in only one position. Torque capacity up to 63300 in-lbs and speed ranges up to 1200 rpm.

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