BOA Concentric Locking Collar


Housing Styles 
Pillow Block, Flange, Take Up, and ER Style

Locking Styles 
Setscrew, Concentric and Eccentric

Bore Diameter Size Range 
1” to 2 7/16” 
20 to 60mm

Housing Materials 
Cast & Ductile Iron, Stamped Steel


BOA Concentric Locking Collar 

The BOA concentric locking collar clamp design results in near-perfect concentricity of the shaft to the bearing bore. It also provides near-perfect ball path roundness and reduces fretting corrosion. This design eliminates shaft damage from setscrew locking and minimizes bearing-induced vibration for smoother, quieter operation. The collar has a Torx head cap screw that resists stripping 12 times longer than hex screws.


Setscrew Locking

120° spaced, balanced three-point contact minimizes inner ring distortion vibration while reducing noise and improving reliability. Precision-manufactured diamond-faceted setscrews contribute to improved clamping and resistance to back-out.

A positive-contact molded nitrite rubber contact seal with an auxiliary flinger element comes standard. The contact seal allows grease purge and helps keep contamination out of the bearing. The flinger provides a rotating shield that helps direct contamination away from the seal.

Anti-Rotation Rivet 
An anti-rotation rivet prevents outer ring rotation (creep) within the housing.

Semi-Solid Cast Iron Base 

This rugged base design provides an excellent mounting foundation. This is integral to preventing sheet metal “buckling”.

Zone Hardened Inner Race 
Browning® bearings incorporate a unique heat treat process that hardens the inner race only where necessary. The location being directly under the ball path itself. The zone hardened inner race provides improved lock reliability due to less distortion at the setscrew location. Additionally, improved thread conformity results in better clamping and resistance to setscrew back-out.

Identification Marking 

Browning® bearing units with a cast-iron housing include a sticker with the part description. The bearing units also include a Browning® branded washer under the lubrication fitting. This provides simple verification of the part number during installation and replacement.

Air Handling “AH” Option 
The Browning® air handling mounted ball bearing offers the same features as the standard Browning® mounted ball bearing in addition to the following air handling features:

AH Housing Fit 
Air Handling "AH" ball bearings are manufactured with a controlled housing fit that allows the bearing to properly self-align when mounted on lightweight frames commonly found on air handling equipment.

Noise Test 
All Air Handling "AH" bearings must pass a two-stage noise testing verification for quiet operation. This is in order to meet the noise level standards of the air handling industry.



We offer popular shaft sizes and housing configurations in the normal and medium-duty series made collar to order and from stock. These products are offered in both setscrew and BOA concentric locking collar styles.

Concentric Mounted Ball Bearings
Concentric Mounted Ball Bearings
Concentric Mounted Ball Bearings

Browning® mounted ball bearings offer multiple housing styles, materials, and configurations. This features an extended inner race insert bearing with ball riding nylon retainer. The insert features a rivet to help prevent outer ring rotation and is available with the following locking mechanisms: 


  •  Setscrew
  •  Eccentric
  •  BOA™ concentric locking collar 

The contact seal reduces grease loss while reducing friction. The black oxide treated flinger helps prevent contaminant entry. Together they provide a good balance of protection. Depending on your preference, these bearings are available in both inch and metric units. They also come in a variety of housings. Additionally, industry-specific solutions are available as illustrated on the following pages.

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