Simulation-Based Noise Estimation for Cooling Fan Designs

“The ANSYS Mentoring Services helped us to accelerate simulation-based noise estimation for our new cooling fan design to be used on TerraMAX® premium and high efficiency motor platform for our Marathon® brand motors”

Regal needed to develop a simulation-based method of estimating noise levels for their electric motors due to changes in cooling fan design. Previously, physical testing was used to predict the noise levels. As part of a new development platform, they decided to use a simulation-based noise prediction method at the preliminary design stage. In order to accelerate the development of the simulation-based noise method, Regal engaged with ANSYS Mentor Expert Services that provided explicit training on developing a methodology for aeroacoustics simulation.

Using Fluent® software from Ansys for aeroacoustics simulation, had challenges in developing a simulation model in predicting the noise. Hence, Marathon Electric India Pvt. Ltd, decided to seek expert mentoring from ANSYS, which helped them to quickly solve existing problem and develop a methodology for future cases.

Technology Used
The ANSYS Mentor Expert Services was used for aeroacoustics simulation using Fluent software from Ansys.

Engineering Solution
• CFD simulation techniques were used to predict noise for the new fan design for TerraMAX® IE2 efficiency motor
• Advice from ANSYS Mentor Expert Services provided insight into noise prediction, the sources of noise generation and ways to reduce the noise levels

• ANSYS Mentor Expert Services helped Marathon Electric India Pvt. Ltd. in predicting fan noise for TerraMAX® IE2 efficiency motor at preliminary design stage.
• The ANSYS Mentor Expert Services helped the team to develop an aeroacoustics simulation methodology in Fluent® software from Ansys and gain in-house expertise for doing future simulations in acoustic domain.

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