Motor Programming Made Easy

What if you could adjust motor speed while the motor is operating inside the HVAC unit?
The next advancement of indoor blower motor technology is now in the palm of your hand, literally. The Genteq® Brand revolutionized the motor industry with the OEM ECM in 1987, the retrofit ECM in 2007, and now the wireless field programmer for retrofit indoor ECM blower motors.

Values and Benefits
The Evergreen® InTune® WIFI programmer from Genteq provides real-time adjustment and programming of the Evergreen indoor blower motor’s operating Torque, Direction, and Off Delay values without the need for internet service or connection to a website program list. Now technicians can save time and select the motor output that precisely matches the HVAC system’s performance specifications.

For example, with the HVAC system operating and the technician’s temperature or airflow measurement probes mounted in the ductwork, the technician can now adjust the motor output while monitoring the measured values. When the measured values match the system’s performance guidelines, the motor can then be programmed to save this operating point for the particular HVAC system demand.

The ability to adjust motor output in real-time saves the time required with multi-tap motors to turn off the system, adjust the speed selection and wait for the system to return to steady-state conditions, to confirm if the measurements match the system’s specifications.

The technician is also not limited to the 5 speeds programmed into the motor. With the WIFI programmer, applicable stock Evergreen® motors can be operated at 600-1200rpm by torque adjustment, and a unique value can be programmed into each of the 5 taps for 5 different system demands. In addition to selecting precise heating and cooling airflow, the programmer also allows the technician to select a custom continuous fan speed for each home or business that supports Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) devices and provides improved comfort at a sound level that is not offensive to the occupants.

The Evergreen InTune® WIFI Programmer provides wireless connection from a smart phone to the field proven Evergreen EM and CM retrofit indoor blower motors. These two Constant Torque ECM motors are available with horse power ratings of 1/3, 1/2, 3/4 & 1HP and voltage ratings of 115, 208-230, 277 and 460vac for use in a wide variety of residential and light commercial HVAC indoor blower applications. These two motors provide the easiest replacement of OEM indoor blower ECM built with 24v speed taps such as the Genteq® X13® & Endura® Pro. However, they are also well suited to replace/upgrade PSC motors in commercial applications such as VAV and air handlers with hot and/or cold water coils, A/C or heat pump.

How to use
The InTune WIFI programmer is comprised of two components - a WIFI programmer (catalog #5K006) that connects in series with the motors existing connections and a free app. The WIFI programmer is purchased once and re-used on each motor during the tuning process. Get the free app by scanning the QR code from your smart phone for Apple or Google Play, or search for "Evergreen InTune" in your device's app store. Complete application, connection and operating instructions are easily accessible from the app.

Following is an overview of the process:

1. Connect the WIFI programmer in series with motors existing connections
2. Turn on the "In Tune" app
3. Turn on a given thermostat demand
4. Adjust output of motor in the app until desired airflow or temp delta is achieved
5. Take the WIFI programmer with you to the next job, and the next job…
To make it even easier to use, the InTune WIFI Programmer uses a “Point to Point” WIFI connection from a smartphone to the programmer’s built-in access point. The InTune WIFI Programmer does not require the use of an external WIFI router or the internet.

Wrap up
Evergreen® retrofit ECM changed the industry by combining the simplicity of a multi-tap motor with the efficiency of ECM. Now we have also combined the simplicity of a smart phone app with a real time programmer to fully unlock the potential of this technology.

Any qualified contractor can install a motor. Professional contractors follow industry best practices by measuring airflow and adjusting motor operation for proper system performance, efficiency and customer satisfaction. Put a professional tune on all your jobs with the InTune® WIFI programmer.
To learn more download the free app by scanning this QR code from your smart phone for Apple or Google Play, or search for "Evergreen InTune" in your device’s app store. Or go online to

About Regal Beloit Corporation
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