Select industries we serve

Material Unit Handling
Material Handling - Warehouse Distribution

We are a leader in innovative products that include conveyor components that improve facility efficiency, to mechanical reducers that feature innovative sealing that reduce maintenance issues.



Customers look for simplicity. They want to work with few but reliable suppliers that offer complete solutions. We are an industry leader in providing high performance motors, controls and power transmission solutions to the marine industry.

HVAC Residential Industry

HVAC - Residential

Our products provide a high level of performance that meet strict government energy requirements for efficiency, thus offering the OEM and homeowner years of trouble-free operation with a high payback.

Commercial HVAC

HVAC - Commercial

High performance variable speed motors, controls, and power transmission components that maximize equipment performance and enhance operating profits by reducing energy cost and improving indoor air quality.

Grain Handling Industry

Grain Handling

Efficient operations drive facility profitability and solutions that minimize maintenance and downtime enhances ROI decisions. Our application knowledge of power transmission, controls, and motor products provide leading edge solutions that increase productivity.