Strategic Objectives

1. Deliver world class performance to our customers through innovation, quality, delivery, responsiveness and cost.

Innovation - We will provide innovative and leading edge solutions that enable customers to differentiate their businesses.
Quality – We will be viewed as one of the highest quality manufacturers.
Delivery – We will strive to be one of the industry’s most dependable suppliers.
Responsiveness – We will conduct business with a positive attitude and a sense of urgency.
Cost – We will be known by our customers as competitive, fair and an overall good value.

2. Develop, attract and retain the best employees by providing an engaging work environment while helping them achieve their career goals.

Respectful Work Environment – We will promote an environment where we treat each other with dignity and respect. We strive for an atmosphere where diversity and global cultures are celebrated.

Engaging Work Environment – We promote an environment built on teamwork and a common goal of continuous improvement. We nurture an atmosphere of creativity where every employee has an opportunity to participate and contribute.

Achievement of Personal Career Goals – We promote an atmosphere where career growth is the dual responsibility of leaders and individuals and where we assist and encourage our employees to achieve their personal career goals.

3. Sustain top quartile performance for our investors in the diversified industrial sector with respect to revenue growth, profitability and cash flow.

Increase Annual Revenues – We will drive organic growth and continue to complete synergistic acquisitions focusing on technology, complementary products, attractive geographic regions and higher growth markets.

Improve Profitability – By deploying the Compass™ operating system, we will continuously simplify and improve our operations, making them more efficient and profitable while improving our product mix with energy efficient products.

Maximize Capital Deployment – We aim to achieve top quartile performance on our return on invested capital, cash cycle and free cash flow.