Performance Excellence

No matter how good our products, services, people, processes and performance are, we are dedicated to making them better. We strive for excellence in everything we do and approach our daily work with a passion for continuous improvement. We push ourselves to open up to new ideas, innovate and share our learning.

Managing our commitment to our customers and investors demands constant attention to excellence. Our employees, numbering over 25,000, have demonstrated the ability to work efficiently while remaining agile and responsive to our customers. By continually learning and implementing new tools, new disciplines and new processes, our employees have made improving quality and productivity a way of life.

Compass™ Operating System

We use our Compass™ operating system to drive continuous improvement. Compass operating system provides us with a common language and a common set of business processes, disciplines and Lean Six Sigma tools. It has become a significant part of our culture and fuels our continuous performance improvements.

We believe that employing the tools of Compass operating system lead to Performance Excellence and we measure our progress at our key facilities in the use and deployment of these tools. Our facilities strive to earn the coveted Regal “Five Star” Performance Excellence performance level. This recognition is awarded to facilities that fully employ our Compass tools, display the Regal Compass culture and headset, and achieve outstanding operational performance.

Performance Excellence is a journey and we recognize that it will take time to make our vision come true. But every day we get a little closer and every day we get a little better. We continuously improve.

We deploy our Compass operating system from the top beginning with our leadership. Regal leaders are trained on the use of Compass tools and there is an expectation that all business units and functions within our company participate. By engaging our operations throughout the world, Compass operating system keeps our organization connected, aligned, improving and performing at optimal levels.